After scores of incidents and foiled plots, it has become common knowledge that we have homegrown terrorists in our society. They are often mislabeled Lone Wolves. In fact, there are radical Islamic soldiers living in our country who have allegiance to radical Islamic ideologies and states like ISIS and Iran that are our avowed enemies.

How did these enemy combatants get here? Some are illegal aliens while hundreds of thousands were jumped to the head of the immigration line by the Obama Administration. Cities like Minneapolis have large Islamic communities courtesy of the federal government. These communities are producing recruits for groups like ISIS.

To win the war against this growing threat we must clearly define the root cause of this deadly problem. By relocating large cohesive communities that are not encouraged to integrate into American society we have created a toxic situation. We must reaffirm that American laws are the only laws used in American Courts. 

At the same time, our local and federal elected leaders have designated leaders of the radical Muslim Brotherhood as the representatives of the Muslim communities in America. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a troubling example of this self-defeating policy. Even though CAIR was directly implicated in a terrorist plot, CAIR is consulted by our government on matters pertaining to Muslims. CAIR has been allowed to scrub training manuals used by the American military and the FBI of references to Jihad and radical Islam. By empowering radicals like CAIR, our elected officials are empowering our greatest enemies in the Muslim community.