Generations of federal involvement in education policies have produced fewer and fewer educated students and at the same time has resulted in university tuitions that make the best universities unaffordable. Showering educational institutions with Washington money has not improved the quality of education. Moreover, government initiatives like No Child Left Behind and Common Core are pushing aside local control
over education. We know Washington’s claims they know what is best for our children are simply not true.

The Conservative Party believes our schools must return to teaching American history and American values. Our children must be taught that our nation is a force for good that successfully fought a War for Independence against tyranny. For most of our history, we were a nation governed by the Rule of Law and we must embrace this concept again. This concept means all Americans are guaranteed their freedom as long
as they obey the law of the land.

The Conservative Party believes it is time to close the Department of Education and return all educational responsibilities to the state and local level. We also advocate competition in education through vouchers, tax credits and school choice.