January 28, 2020

Is tolerance a one way or two way street?

What a conference! The 53rd Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference is now history, and if you were unable to attend, you missed a conference that energized our leaders and attendees, heard great speakers, and learned about situations that are not accurately reported by the press.  We will have videos posted shortly, and while you…

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January 28, 2020

Senator Daphne Jordan, Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay Join Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar at Budget Reform News Conference 

January 24, 2020

Chairman Kassar’s wrap up includes the effort in NYC for non-citizens to vote, the Governor’s expensive budget and the ongoing impeachment scam.

January 23, 2020

Have you registered for CPPAC yet? This Sunday and Monday in Albany, learn how to make New York great again.

January 21, 2020

Statement by New York Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Budget Address

Taxes and Spending

The Conservative Party recommends that the following be acted upon: In order for New York State to keep residents from moving to states with lesser taxes and more economic growth, New York must reconsider its financial structure to lower its debt, provide mandate relief, reconsider regulations that strangle businesses, end the wasteful spending on programs…

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Law Enforcement

In order to keep our streets safe and conducive to business the Conservative Party recommends: Law enforcement agencies throughout the state should be required to detain for purposes of notifying federal authorities any individual reasonably suspected of being in the U.S. illegally. Law enforcement agencies efforts utilizing all effective law enforcement techniques, such as profiling,…

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Family Rights

Legislation must be adopted to protect religious institutions from being required to recognize/perform marriages that are not within their traditional definition of marriage. We do not support legislation that seeks to expand the Human Rights Law to include “transgender” as a protected class. We reject surrogacy contract legislation because it commercializes children and devalues the…

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Preservation of Life

We firmly reject any attempt to expand the already liberal abortion laws of New York State. We believe that New York’s present abortion law should be repealed and should re-adopt the prior statute permitting therapeutic abortions only under the most clearly defined conditions hazardous to the life of the mother. Elderly, terminally ill, and patients…

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The Conservative Party recognizes that a good education is vital for members of society to prosper. We believe that every parent should have the opportunity to send their children to the best schools available. Educational tax credits should be available to parents. We believe that state government should set the minimum standards, but that local…

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