December 3, 2021

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses voting rights for non-citizens, final results and the Supreme Court listened.

Voting Rights for Non-Citizens It should come as no surprise that on top of the Democrats Christmas wish list sits voting rights for more than 800,000 non-citizens. The far-left leaning New York City Council is set to vote within the next week on legislation that would allow non-citizens to register and vote in municipal elections….

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December 2, 2021

Fifty years ago, the US Supreme Court created law, hopefully within 207 days it will realize that decision was misguided.

November 30, 2021

There was a time when you got in trouble for putting your hand in cookie jar…

November 29, 2021

The US Supreme Court will hear arguments this week on a very important case…

November 26, 2021

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Gov. Hochul’s Politicization of Redistricting Process

Taxes and Spending

In order for New York State to keep residents from moving to states with lesser taxes and more economic growth, New York must reconsider its financial structure to lower its debt, provide mandate relief, reconsider regulations that strangle businesses, end the wasteful spending on programs that are doomed to fail and cut spending across the…

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Law Enforcement

In order to keep our streets safe and conducive to business the Conservative Party recommends: We reject any effort to defund law enforcement anywhere in New York State. The enacted Criminal Justice Reforms must be repealed and replaced with more realistic, attainable goals. Bail should be denied to defendants charged with commissions of felony crimes…

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Family Rights

Legislation must be adopted to protect religious institutions from being required to recognize/perform marriages that are not within their traditional definition of marriage.  We do not support legislation that seeks to expand the Human Rights Law to include “transgender” as a protected class. Mandated vaccinations should be limited to those illnesses that are easily communicable…

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Preservation of Life

We believe that New York’s expanded abortion law should be repealed and the legislature should re-adopt the prior statute permitting therapeutic abortions only under the most clearly defined conditions hazardous to the life of the mother. Elderly, terminally ill, and patients who cannot advocate for themselves should have the full protection of the law to…

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The Conservative Party recognizes that a good education is vital for members of society to prosper. We believe that every parent should have the opportunity to send their children to the best schools available. We oppose allowing Courts to determine New York State’s system for educational financing and support. We also oppose the establishment and…

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