Patriots across our great nation are asking this question. Are we going to continue to abandon our time honored values and beliefs? Or are we going to, in the words of William F. Buckley, Jr., “Stand athwart history and yell Stop!”

Are we going to resign ourselves to the mess we are in or are we going to continue to demand that our Government control our borders, enforce our laws, stop excessive spending and abide by our Constitution?

The challenges before us are formidable. Our mettle will be tested as we fight to take back control of our nation. If we put our shoulder to the wheel, we can turn back the forces of disunion and defeat.

The 2016 election may be one of the most important in our country’s history. With that in mind, the Conservative Party has promulgated the following National Affairs Platform, which outlines our priorities for re-establishing those core values that made America great. 

America’s withdrawal from world affairs has jeopardized our national security. Four years ago when the Conservative Party discussed Foreign Affairs in our last National Affairs platform, we warned of the dangers that Iran posed in developing nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, not only for America, but also for the entire world, our worst fears have come true. President Obama has gone from defending America to making an alliance with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, in a harebrained attempt to secure our nation.

We have refused requests for non-military assistance from our allies in Ukraine and the Baltic States, allowing Russia to be more aggressive.

The President has directed animus at Israel while embracing Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. If we continue down this path, the world will become more dangerous and our enemies will get more threatening.

The Conservative Party strongly believes that the United States must return to the role of leader of the free world. This does not mean sending troops where our national interests are not at stake. It does mean confronting our enemies so they know if they cross red lines they will be pushed back.

Our allies must be treated as friends, not put on par with our sworn enemies.

Once again, we should use non-lethal tools at our disposal to support people who are being oppressed by tyrannical regimes. The use of these smart power tools played a large role in the United States defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold War that lasted 50 years and produced no casualties.

After scores of incidents and foiled plots, it has become common knowledge that we have homegrown terrorists in our society. They are often mislabeled Lone Wolves. In fact, there are radical Islamic soldiers living in our country who have allegiance to radical Islamic ideologies and states like ISIS and Iran that are our avowed enemies.

How did these enemy combatants get here? Some are illegal aliens while hundreds of thousands were jumped to the head of the immigration line by the Obama Administration. Cities like Minneapolis have large Islamic communities courtesy of the federal government. These communities are producing recruits for groups like ISIS.

To win the war against this growing threat we must clearly define the root cause of this deadly problem. By relocating large cohesive communities that are not encouraged to integrate into American society we have created a toxic situation. We must reaffirm that American laws are the only laws used in American Courts. 

At the same time, our local and federal elected leaders have designated leaders of the radical Muslim Brotherhood as the representatives of the Muslim communities in America. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a troubling example of this self-defeating policy. Even though CAIR was directly implicated in a terrorist plot, CAIR is consulted by our government on matters pertaining to Muslims. CAIR has been allowed to scrub training manuals used by the American military and the FBI of references to Jihad and radical Islam. By empowering radicals like CAIR, our elected officials are empowering our greatest enemies in the Muslim community.

The Conservative Party has always supported limited legal immigration as essential for any society. However, illegal immigration cannot and should not be tolerated. Rewarding illegal aliens with social services is destroying the fabric of our society. We oppose blanket amnesty for those who break our immigration laws. We support construction of a security wall on our border with Mexico and stronger surveillance at every possible entry into our country.

Congress must compel localities that shelter illegals to enforce immigration laws by cutting federal funds and imposing fines on sanctuary cities and states.

San Francisco, a sanctuary city, released an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. He shot and killed a young American woman who died in her father’s arms. It was Obama and San Francisco’s liberalism on immigration that allowed this illegal alien felon to walk our streets freely. This insanity must stop, the Conservative Party no longer asks, but demands that a wall be built through the length of our Southern border and that our immigration laws be strictly enforced.

Government has grown to the point that it is a burden on our economy. The Federal Government is actively involved in micromanaging our
capitalist system -- dictating private sector decisions over how business is conducted. Obamacare has wreaked havoc and driven up the cost in the
private sector. The Obama Administration’s push for minimum wage increases is diminishing the number of entry-level jobs. The Federal
Reserve has gone from a nonpartisan entity to actively pursuing controversial policies. The Fed’s political decisions contributed to the 2007-8 economic downturn and has done little to improve the economy in the last 8 years. The Conservative Party agrees with Steve Forbes when he advocates that the Fed should be eliminated.

Our economy also suffers because unelected bureaucrats are allowed to promulgate burdensome regulations that stifle innovation and creativity. A problematic mindset governs most of our national representatives in Washington. It has led to policies that punish entrepreneurs and small businesses, the most productive Americans. This must end. The Conservative Party believes that government involvement in micromanaging every aspect of business must be rejected. 

We live at a time when our Supreme Court ignores the Constitution as it seeks to justify the latest progressive schemes. This court issued decisions that imposed “Gay Marriage” on all fifty states, vacating the vote of 31 states on this issue, and also enshrined the Obamacare
boondoggle. Chief Judge John Roberts’ Court has turned the Supreme Court into an out of control destroyer of our Constitutional system of government.

The Conservative Party believes we must reign in the Court. Congress can and should defy the Supreme Court when it wanders into areas where it has no constitutional authority.

Congress has also failed to hold accountable the lawbreakers in the Executive Branch, particularly in the IRS and the State Department. [Congress knew about Hillary Clinton’s personal email server for two years before it delved into the illegality of this situation.] President Obama has destroyed our Constitutional form of government through his abuse of executive orders, presidential memorandums and the mishandling of federal agencies—particularly the politicization of the Justice Department and the IRS. He has created a government that no longer respects the will of the people

Systematic assaults on our right to live as traditionally religious people are a threat to our society. When bakers, teachers, and priests become targets of radical secularists those who would rid society of all religion jeopardize everyone’s religious freedom. Our country was founded and developed by people who believed In God We Trust. They understood that without God we are a lost people. We have followed their example for most of our history and we must do so again. The Conservative Party has been and always will be a champion of religious liberty in our homes, in our businesses and in our public square.

Today, the most serious threat to our religious liberties once again comes from the Administration. Obamacare forces religious organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to provide health insurance, which would cover abortions. To force any religion to violate one of its most sacred tenets for the sake of political expediency is contrary to any principle on which our country was founded. This assault on our religious freedoms must be stopped.

There is constant pressure to adopt the latest social trend. Resisting this change opens one up to criticism for being “behind the times.” In reality, the lyric “everything old is new again” is true. Radical changes to a society’s social structure will almost definitely bring undesirable consequences. The current celebration of single parenthood families is encouraging a social disaster. Numerous academic studies have shown that children raised in single-family households are far more likely to be troubled drug addicts, delinquents, failures in schools, and criminals.

For several thousand years, the traditional family has been the foundation of the most successful social structure in the world. We need to bolster this concept in our society. This is not just a job for government but also for every American citizen. Society is failing, murder is skyrocketing, and many believe they are entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. The Conservative Party believes that accepting this behavior must end in
order to restore America to the country that raised the living standards of the world.

Since the legalization of abortion, over 50 million Americans have been killed by this inhumane procedure. Today, Obamacare is forcing abortion opponents to provide access to abortions. At the same time, the Obama Administration continues to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the largest provider of abortion in the country, Planned Parenthood, even as evidence is coming forth that Planned Parenthood is actively selling the body parts of the victims of abortion. This situation is indicative of the deterioration of our moral standards in this country. The Conservative Party will fight to reverse this course immediately.

Generations of federal involvement in education policies have produced fewer and fewer educated students and at the same time has resulted in university tuitions that make the best universities unaffordable. Showering educational institutions with Washington money has not improved the quality of education. Moreover, government initiatives like No Child Left Behind and Common Core are pushing aside local control
over education. We know Washington’s claims they know what is best for our children are simply not true.

The Conservative Party believes our schools must return to teaching American history and American values. Our children must be taught that our nation is a force for good that successfully fought a War for Independence against tyranny. For  most of our history, we were a nation governed by the Rule of Law and we must embrace this concept again. This concept means all Americans are guaranteed their freedom as long
as they obey the law of the land.

The Conservative Party believes it is time to close the Department of Education and return all educational responsibilities to the state and local level. We also advocate competition in education through vouchers, tax credits and school choice. 

The Conservative Party supports those who uphold the Constitution’s protection of the right for law-abiding citizens to own firearms. Guns don’t kill people; criminals kill people.

The Obama Administration’s zeal to balance the scales of justice has made our local law enforcement officials targets of federal investigations into concocted Civil Rights violations. We must return to government policies that are colorblind and end the current practice of judging our police by the color of their uniforms. Every citizen should recognize that our police officers are the upholders of law and order. 

Under the current administration, our enemies, such as Iran, who kill Americans and threaten to kill more, are seen as our allies. At the
same time, we push aside our true friends like Israel. We spend far more than we can afford and we ignore the Constitution, which is the
basic foundation for our unique and successful system of government. We are a great people who have been ill served by the majority of
our elected officials in Washington. We must turn around this troubling and destructive course.

The solution to our current problems can be found in our Founding documents, the gift of our Founding Fathers. They gave us First Principles, which have served us well -- when we followed them. We must rediscover the principles that include the dominance of the Rule of Law. Government that governs least governs best. Remembering this and practicing it again, will bring our country back to the shining example of how free people prosper.