The Conservative Party has for 56 years avidly advocated on behalf of taxpayers of New York State.

New York’s government, at all levels, is failing her citizens. New York is deeply in debt with little hope of deviating from this self-destructive course.

The Conservative Party provides a blueprint to change New York’s course to, once again, have New York be the beacon of economic success; to become a leader in bringing citizens back to the beauty of our vast state, the energy of the greatest city in the Nation and a place where families can unleash their entrepreneurial spirit to provide a future for their next generation.

In 2014, and again in 2018, voters reaffirmed the Conservative Party’s position on Row C and in doing so made the statement that the Conservative Party has been a positive influence in attempting to bring the State back to an even fiscal standing. Despite the loss of residents, the Conservative Party has consistently increased the number of votes on the Party’s line since 2002. Voters clearly want our philosophy adopted. Unfortunately, New York’s spending and taxes are still ranked among the highest in the nation, despite the promises of Governor Cuomo to make New York a better place to live and do business. By following our blueprint, Legislators should be able to end the budget deficits and ultimately make New York business friendly. Regrettably, the state, by relying on excessive taxes, surcharges, fees, fines on corporations and on promises of Federal Government handouts to balance an excessive budget, it has made it unnecessary to cut spending. Spending is the problem; New York must end the self-destructive path of overspending. Overspending by the Executive and Legislative branches continue budget deficits, excessive taxes, and expensive borrowing which results in businesses closing and/or moving at record numbers, fewer new business startups, residents moving in droves, and cities and towns facing bankruptcy. This is not the legacy we should be leaving our children.

The Governor must propose and the Legislature must make further cuts across the board; every agency and program must have significant spending cuts and not depend only on attrition to attain the goal. Every outdated, underutilized program must be eliminated. Neither Medicaid nor School Aid can be excluded from meaningful cuts. The Legislature must end its dependency on taxing New York’s citizens; it must enact real change in every aspect of government and eliminate unfunded mandates. The Legislature must adopt term limits and a viable Initiative, Referendum, and Recall bill for all elected officials. Public authorities and the department of education all need to adopt ways to root out excessive spending as ways to restore public trust. Judicial reform should be in the direct election of Judges for shorter terms.

The years of government programs designed to alleviate economic disparity have only widened the gap; these programs must end. The free competitive market is the judicious way to achieve higher standards of living for everyone. Our Legislative Program seeks to restore a common-sense approach to a legislature that has looked for ways to benefit itself rather than the people it represents. These proposals are concise and need immediate attention. History has proven that enactment of the following proposals will bring a quick reversal in New York’s bleak fiscal outlook that has thousands of New Yorkers moving to states with lower taxes and less regulations.