Nation’s Social Fabric

There is constant pressure to adopt the latest social trend. Resisting this change opens one up to criticism for being “behind the times.” In reality, the lyric “everything old is new again” is true. Radical changes to a society’s social structure will almost definitely bring undesirable consequences. The current celebration of single parenthood families is encouraging a social disaster. Numerous academic studies have shown that children raised in single-family households are far more likely to be troubled drug addicts, delinquents, failures in schools, and criminals.

For several thousand years, the traditional family has been the foundation of the most successful social structure in the world. We need to bolster this concept in our society. This is not just a job for government but also for every American citizen. Society is failing, murder is skyrocketing, and many believe they are entitled to the fruits of other people’s labor. The Conservative Party believes that accepting this behavior must end in
order to restore America to the country that raised the living standards of the world.

Since the legalization of abortion, over 50 million Americans have been killed by this inhumane procedure. Today, Obamacare is forcing abortion opponents to provide access to abortions. At the same time, the Obama Administration continues to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the largest provider of abortion in the country, Planned Parenthood, even as evidence is coming forth that Planned Parenthood is actively selling the body parts of the victims of abortion. This situation is indicative of the deterioration of our moral standards in this country. The Conservative Party will fight to reverse this course immediately.