The Members of the Legislature must immediately rescind the authority granted Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make decisions by Executive Order immediately. The members must reassert their constitutional authority as an equal branch of government. Members must enact a permanent ban on all legislative “member” items.  If a budget is not enacted by March 31, no action should be taken on any other bills, with the exception of legislation necessary for public safety. Once a budget is adopted, all other business should be concluded within 30 days. Increases in legislative pay should only be approved by members of the legislature.  Budget Bills must only include items that are directly related to keeping the budget in sound fiscal health.  Legislative members should not be full time and should be allowed to continue their outside careers to realize the impact of the bills they pass. No taxpayer funds should be used to pay for any public official’s sexual harassment or misconduct, nor should there be any non-disclosure agreements, however, caution must be used to protect the identity of the victim.  JCOPE, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, must be disbanded and a new independent commission should be established to oversee both the Executive and Legislative branches of government.