Higher Education

The Conservative Party continues to oppose Governor Cuomo’s “free” college education, while acknowledging that the cost of higher education is far too expensive.   “Free” community college or universities are even more costly to taxpayers. We support initiatives that reduce the ever-increasing cost of higher education, for example on-line classes to lower the cost.  We oppose any state or federal effort to eliminate student debt. Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to require food pantries at all SUNY and CUNY campuses should be rejected.  While we sympathize with the plight of Dreamers, the New York State “Dream Act” should be repealed as it rewards the illegal activity of their parents while legal residents of New York are disadvantaged. Any student enrolled in our higher education system must be able to prove that they are in our country legally and that any visa used to enter our Country has not expired. The Conservative Party believes that higher admission standards will restore our public institutions of higher learning to their former greatness and we continue to oppose open enrollment. Institutions of higher education must be required to adhere to the constitutional right of guaranteed free speech.