Term limits for all elected officials should be enacted, with no more than 8 years in each house and two four-year terms for statewide officials. Any attempt to establish “early voting” or instant voter registration in New York State must be rejected. Photo identification, confirming the US citizenship of the voter, should be required and presented to the poll inspectors before voting, as well as when first registering to vote.  Political campaigns should not be financed with tax dollars.  Citizens should be allowed to have Initiative, Referendum, and Recall. Direct election of all judges, for shorter terms, should be required. Candidates for political office should not accept campaign contributions from sovereign entities not bound by, or that violate, the laws and regulations of the New York State Board of Elections. Existing federal law regarding Super PAC’s is sufficient. We support efforts that result in apolitical Boards of Elections. The Conservative Party opposes any effort to diminish the power of those enrolled in a political party by denying them the ability to control their own party. We support adoption of a Constitutional Amendment establishing a requirement that the Governor call Special elections within a certain statutory calendar.  We oppose any legislation that allows felons to vote.