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Daily Update

Hillary can’t be happy about the State Department report faulting poorly managing email and other computer information and slowly responding to new cybersecurity risks.  It is unfortunate that it had to take an audit to prove what Americans already knew:  unsecured servers put Americans at risk. 

Gov. Cuomo has benefited from LLC’s but now he proposes 8 different bills to close them.  I guess once you have benefited from LLC’s, proposing an à la carte menu to chose from is your subtle way of keeping them open for your coffers. In the past Cuomo called it “one of the most egregious flaws in our campaign finance system,” yet had no problem accepting donations from LLC’s.   Immediate public disclosure should be required.  Let voters know where the money is coming from and if one really wants to end corruption, enact term limits and research whom you are voting for. 

With regard to the current Bharara probe into the Governor and COR development, Sen. John DeFrancisco told The Capitol Pressroom radio show, there’s a greater risk of corruption occurring in New York’s economic development projects because Cuomo exercises too much control, without enough checks and balances from the Legislature.

This is in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Since last month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has pointed to his hiring of an internal investigator as evidence that his administration is taking seriously the U.S. attorney’s probe into one of its signature economic-development programs.  “The idea that someone brought in ex post facto, who the governor controls, is going to do an independent audit, belies belief,” said Eugene O’Donnell, a former state prosecutor who lectures on criminal law at the City University of New York.

Council Member James Oddo sounds off on the misguided “reforms” passed by the City Council

Senator Charles Schumer likes to have it both ways.  By slipping in n entirely new section to the original bill, giving the Justice and State departments the power to stay court action indefinitely is exactly what Paul Sperry calls it:  A cruel hoax.  Time for Schumer to be fired.  Support Wendy Long for US Senate.

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Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio wants control of the NYC schools for all the wrong reasons.  Having a Mayor in control is actually good; when they are in control — and do not do what is right for the students — they will be voted out

How pathetic:  Scandal-plagued de Blasio begs City Council for public support.

NYC Council to End Criminal Penalties for Public Urination, Other Low-Level Offenses.  Supporters of these changes have long maintained that the NYPD disproportionately arrests and charges nonwhites for such infractions, often leaving young black and Latino men with damaging criminal records…enough said

Sen. James Lankford, R-OK, enlightens us about how the Zika virus has become a US budget emergency due to President Obama’s raiding of infectious disease money to fund….climate change!  Here is Betsy McCaughey’s take on Obama’s deadly globalism.

Wow, VA Secretary Robert McDonald just doesn’t understand the firestorm he created.  How does the head of such an important agency not understand the comparison of Disney wait lines and life or death wait lines.  This is the McDonald solution.

Rich Lowry opines on Hillary’s inability to explain why she should be president.

Obama’s regulation nation; 20,642 regulations…so far.

Hillary and Bill’s close friend, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, seems to have some pending problems with his campaign finances.

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Daily Update

Should we find it interesting that Governor Andrew Cuomo names Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to lead the NYS Democratic Committee?  As chair, Brown works to help elect democrats at the local, state and national level.  Here is Fred Dicker’s take on the Governor’s announcement.

The other subject of attention in Buffalo is the brewing federal investigation surrounding Governor Cuomo’s major economic-development programs.  The Public Authorities Control Board, is set to meet Wednesday at the state Capitol to consider whether to approve spending nearly half a billion dollars to fund ongoing construction at a high-tech complex for solar panels currently under investigation.

NY’s 19th Congressional District’s republican primary makes national news.  John Gizzi, writting in NEWSMAX, gives readers important background information and explains how Chairman Mike Long made a rare salvo in the republican primary. 

Chairman Long also had this to say in today’s NY Daily News; GOPer ready to spend $10M of own money on 2018 gov race.

Did Governor Cuomo have a premonition?

Another day, another scandal for the Mayor.

The Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald said WHAT?  Most veteran’s may not have a long wait time, but still, to compare it to a wait time at Disney just boggles my mind. 


Weekly Wrap-Up

“Donald Trump took an important step Wednesday in his quest to convince conservatives that, if elected president, he will deliver on the issues they care about,” Fox News reports, sharing details of the list of 11 possible Supreme Court picks released this week by the Trump campaign. 

Some conservatives are giving the potential picks rave reviews, while Investor’s Business Daily says the list simply shows Trumps political skills – not his true principles. 

What do you think about this, and the other defining issues of the 2016 campaign such as the economy and national security? 

If Trump wins the White House, will he feel extra pressure to nominate a trusted conservative to the Supreme Court?  Do you trust Trump to actually support conservative economic policies if he wins in November? Are you confident that, should he win the White House, Trump will take meaningful steps to protect America? 

These are the questions I’ve selected for our new Weekly Poll – I hope you’ll vote today, and let me know what you think might happen during a Trump Administration. 

This week has brought good news for Trump, as new polling gives him a lead over Hillary Clinton. Byron York of the Washington Examiner gives his thoughts on how Trump’s lead changes the race.

Trump is also getting new support from GOP big donors who previously fought him tooth-and-nail – and his dominance of the media also poses a threat to the Clinton campaign.

Hillary, meanwhile, is confident that the Democratic nomination is hers – and she is refusing to debate Bernie Sanders, as she had promised. But her support within the Democratic Party is far from enthusiastic

It’s all part of what John Podhoretz describes as a “painfully stupid campaign” by Team Clinton.

Here in New York, the de Blasio spectacle continues, as the Mayor goes into Nixon mode with a massive cover-up

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Daily Update

Do you know who Lynne Patton is?  Ms. Patton is a powerful voice for Donald J. Trump.  Listen and watch this video; listen especially to her emotion as she talks about “The Donald”, the one rarely seen and hardly known.

The NY Post thinks “The Donald” is making an effort to unify the Republican Party with his short list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

Bill Hammond explains what is behind NY Health plan hikes

The Buffalo News editorial board has some concerns about the growing influence of the Teacher’s Union on school board elections, as well they should. 

Mayor de Blasio will produce proof to prove he has always acted in the public interest.  If you always act in the public interest, shouldn’t you know what your aides know?  Of course, the NY Post editorial board has its opinion regarding the mess.


Here is more on the new overtime rules and how it force small businesses to make hard choices.

Is this another Y2K problem or truly a serious problem.  We are so dependent on computers running on electricity, I do believe it falls into the potentially serious problem

Are “request for proposal” aka, RFP,  predetermined to help certain companies?  This article certainly makes it look that way.  But don’t worry, if it happened as stated, Gov. Cuomo has it under control.   “If we find out that someone did something wrong, I will be the first to throw the book at them, because public trust is crucially important to me,” Cuomo told reporters after an event in Rochester.  If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Thursday’s with some Giperten humor. 


Daily Update

Business will take another hit on their bottom line with this Obama edict

Facts matter and the latest info on GMO’s is that they are safe

The Real Cost of Academic Discrimination against Conservatives.

The 2nd Amendment had an unlikely friend this week

Larry Kudlow sounds off on the latest Facebook controversy. 

Betsy McCaughey opines in the Investor’s Business Daily how the Clinton’s cashed in.

Just what New Yorkers need; another task force

Here is another example of government by fiat.  When you can’t get it passed the legislature, just have an agency make a rule.

Here is another example of what happens when the camel’s nose gets inside the tent.  The left always manages to get the camel’s nose in (the press helps most of the time).  Yet when the right wants to make small changes in a variety of subjects they are always blocked because small changes on the right means the nose isn’t inside the tent, the whole body is.  There is no medicine in marihuana.

The Tax Cap worked again.

Michael Goodwin scores again.

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Daily Update

Yesterday we asked why are these projects going forward now; today we are reporting that the red flags have slowed down the process of funding until more is known.  The Empire Center continues to look at some of the potential problems. 

The NY Post editorial board exposes the NY Times’ Trump exposé.

New York City has been on a hiring spree.  Mayor de Blasio believes reduced Medicaid costs will offset employees costs, but what about the long term costs of pensions and health care benefits?  As is his tendency, the Mayor is shortsighted.

The Mayor’s Progressive Agenda Committee had one donor:  The Campaign for One New York.  Strange. 

President Obama continues to lose in Court…yesterday,  the Little Sisters of the Poor essentially had a win.  More on the still pending permanent outcome from the NY Sun here.

Obama doesn’t think rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers are criminals, but opened the door to allow photographers, bakers and venues who do not support same-sex marriage to be charged with crimes.  Am I the only one who finds this “logic” incredulous?

This young woman learned a lot by sitting on the bench, something the parents in yesterday’s article would be appalled about as they paid strangers to “help” their children.

Ben Rhodes talked to the NY Times, but the President is preventing him from talking to Congress…why, Mr. President?  And a question for Congress: why was in “invited” and not subpoenaed? 

The Daily Signal:  A Former Transgender Person’s Take on Obama’s Bathroom Directive

Mr. President:  this is good advice for graduates.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell… (Maybe Mr. Trump and voters will learn something from Mr. Sowell’s harsh column.)

Daily Update

In case you missed Chairman Long on Fred Dicker’s Live from the State Capitol, you can listen to it here

Also in the breaking news category, John Gizzy, writes in Newsmax, that with the overwhelming support of the Conservative Party, New York State’s electoral votes could be in play.

The ramifications of the Bathroom Bill decree by the Obama Administration continues — the Daily Signal has two articles, one here and the other one here, the National Center for Public Policy Research has more here. Cal Thomas had this to say.

E. J. McMahon writing in the City Journal exposes the problems of Governor Cuomo’s clubby approach to economic development.   Jimmy Vielkind continues his investigative reporting on Joe Percocco here. 

Why are these projects going forward now

Mayor de Blasio can’t be happy with this NY Post article by Rich Calder or this one in yesterday’s NY Post by Michael Goodwin.

If isn’t only the Board of Education undermining the education of children, sometimes it is actually the parents — at least the last parent in the article came to her senses. 

More bad news for the economy in New York State.

Forbes says US Pension’s are funded at half the levels of other countries —  regular followers of E. J. McMahon already knew that our pensions are in trouble. 

Hillary hints that she will charge Bill Clinton with fixing the economy.  Hmmm, I thought she supports all that Obama did to fix the economy.  As a reminder to Hillary, Bill Clinton’s economy had help from Speaker Newt Gingrich, and will he run the economy the way he is running the Clinton Foundation

A feverish push back only brings to mind… “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks,”  Hamlet, Act 3.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Now that the top spots seem to be locked up, there’s a lot of talk and even some bets on who Trump and Clinton might choose as their running mates. 

Of the people who have been mentioned so far, who do you think Trump will choose as his Vice-President? And what about Clinton – who do you think will be her running mate? And does it matter – do you think the vice-presidential choice can make or break a presidential candidate’s chances of winning?

These are the questions in our newest Weekly Poll. It will be very interesting to see what people think. (And down the road, we can compare the results to the actual selections and see if the predictions holdup!)

In the battle of the campaign hashtags, some conservatives are starting to believe that #NeverHillary trumps #NeverTrump

But in theory, there are other choices

One professor who has correctly predicted every presidential race since 1984 has no idea what to make of this year’s campaign.

Hapless, hopeless Hillary is facing new questions about her Benghazi failures, and is in the middle of a host of new scandals – from her dangerous use of a private, non-secure Blackberry device to the Clinton Foundation’s wheeling-and-dealing.

Of course, don’t look for Hillary’s wrongdoings to be “trending topics” on Facebook. 

This week the courts finally got one right on Obamacare – but D.C. regulators and the White House are joining forces to do as much damage as they can before Obama leaves office.

It’s Friday the 13th, so we’ll end on some craziness – the Obama Administration is determined to force schools to abolish boys and girls bathrooms.  

Have a great weekend!

Daily Update

Another Court rebuke for President Obama , this one by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer.  At issue was a multi-million-dollar program authorizing payments to insurers that Republicans claimed were not appropriated by Congress.  She ruled the spending unconstitutional, but put a stay on the ruling allowing the Administration to appeal.

Speaking of Court, it looks like Mayor de Blasio is considering challenging JCOPE. The NY Post editorial reminds the Mayor that his problem is Preet Bharara, not Governor Cuomo;s JCOPE.

Jimmy Vielkind reports in today’s Politico New York, that Governor Cuomo may be a little closer to Todd Howe than previously disclosed.  Micro-managers tend to know all the details.

FBI Director, James Comey, said he doesn’t know what “security inquiry” means — adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. … That’s what we do.”

The Daily Caller is reporting that the Clinton’s received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders, potentially undermining Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s claim she can carry out independent Middle East policies.

Bill Hammond, writing in The Torch, explains the math on Hillary’s Medicare “buy-in’.  As long as she keeps giving speeches, she will be able to afford it; the rest of us won’t come close.

Harvard’s clueless illiberalism.

As we noted earlier this week, why can’t children just be allowed to be children and not bombarded with political correctness?

Thursday’s with the week’s Top Ten — a little bit of humor and satire by Herb Stupp. 

Daily Update

The Daily Signal’s Bruce Klingner explains why Obama is wrong to focus on Hiroshima.  This is an excellent article and should be widely circulated in light of the fact that much of what Mr. Klingner writes is omitted in today’s history lessons.

The Hill’s headline —  Justice’s reputation hangs in balance of Clinton probe — says it all.

Judges aren’t happy about this decision, but taxpayer’s should be; every penny counts.

Healthcare expert, former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, makes the case for Trump’s call to not cut Medicare over Congressman Paul Ryan’s expected call to keep some of Obamacare’s cuts in place. 

Does John Stossel have the best answer for healthcare?  Free-market medicine sounds good, and it is what drove our country to have the best medical care in the world.  

Cuomo has no regrets about not asking about Percocco’s private work.  I guess if you don’t ask, they when you are asked, you can honestly say you don’t know.  Does the law degree drive the Governor or do years in the political screen drive him to not ask certain questions.

Fiscal expert, E. J. McMahon, gave comptroller Tom DiNapoli some kudos for pushing some fiscal reforms long called for by him and the Conservative Party.

Oh dear, Londoner’s new mayor wants to meet with Rahm Emanuel and Mayor de Blasio.  We hope for their sake it is to learn what not to do.

We are not the only ones impressed with Governor Pat McCrory

Seriously, NIH?  Why wouldn’t you put money aside for emergencies like the Zika virus instead of spending it on hopped up honey bees and sexy gold fish?

Mr. Mayor, how’s the Chick-fil-A boycott going?

White House National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told graduates this on Wednesday:  “there are too many white people in key government posts, creating the danger of “groupthink” that could put U.S. security at risk.”  This from the woman who went on national television in September 2012 with the administration’s talking points on Benghazi that we now know were out right lies.

Mr. President, is this really want you want Malia to be taught at Harvard?  Then again, it isn’t all that different than what you heard from your Pastor.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.

Daily Update

President Obama is going to visit Hiroshima next month where he will most likely continue his assault on American exceptionalism.  While the article states the President will not apologize, it doesn’t mean won’t come close.

Would the Administration alter TV tapes?  According to Fox News reporter, James Rosen, it did.  How Nixonian!

Seems like the State Department had another nixonian moments also.   Not one email between Hillary and her IT guy.  Rather strange…not even one to say it was up and running and he was done. 

Gregg Jarrett opines on the real reason the FBI interviewed disgraced congressman Weiner’s wife.

One would think that the Mayor of New York City would have the best interests of students as his priority, not the Teacher’s union.  Mayor de Blasio is so wrong on this issue.

The NY Post editorial board does not think the Mayor can call the numerous investigations “political conspiracy.”

Jon Campbell has more information regarding the Cuomo probe.

Why can’t a child’s movie, just be a movie?

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.