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Daily Update

Congratulations to Phil Oliva, John Faso and Claudia Tenney — the Conservative Party endorsed candidates in the 18th, 19th and 22nd Congressional Districts respectively, on winning their Republican Primary!  Now on to victory in November!

Does Jim Ruth speak for you?  After you read his op-ed in the Washington Post, you may think he does. 

Sean Hannity endorses Donald Trump and our US Senate Candidate Wendy Long.  Read about it here.

Betsy McCaughey continues to tell it like it is:  “Never Trump” Republicans are plotting against democracy

George J. Marlin opines on what Sen. Bernie Sanders gets wrong on Socialism. 

Andrew Badinelli asks a very important question — Why Doesn’t the Buck Stop with Hillary?

John Podhoretz opines on the Benghazi Report saying in part that when it comes to radical Islam and the Obama administration, the truth is always the first casualty. 

Greta goes “Off the Record” to ask “Why did Obama peddle that video story in Benghazi?”

The Daily Signal gives us their perception of the Benghazi Report here.

The Hill gives us their 7 key findings in the Benghazi Report.

Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, writes in a Fox News op-ed about five key things to watch as Clinton email investigation grows.

The New York Post has two good editorials here and here.

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Daily Update

The House Benghazi Report is released and this is what Congressman Trey Gowdy has said about his report that it is not meant to be an indictment of Mrs. Clinton, but rather a look at the full picture in the run-up to the attack, the handling of the attack that night, and the effort to erroneously blame a video later.  Here is some coverage of the report; from the Washington Times, here and here;  from Politico; from NBC News; from the NY Post; and from Fox News here and here.   You can read the full report here.   

Naturally, the Clinton campaign blasts the report as partisan

FLASHBACK: When Hillary Stood in Front of Flag Draped Coffins And Lied About a Video

Guy Benson opines on Hillary’s lies

Judge Andrew Napoltano on the Benghazi report and Hillary’s capacity for lying.

Brexit Petition for Second Referendum Exposed As Fake

Did the Supreme Court Justices even consider this?  Or the fact that pro-lifers will NEVER give up.

Does the Democratic Party really want to curtail the First Amendment now?  Democratic Party platform calls for prosecuting climate change skeptics.  

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Daily Update


Another misguided decision from the US Supreme Court on the matter of protecting unborn lives from those who chose to end an innocent life. When highly educated members of the highest court in our country show lack of respect for innocent life, how can we expect others to?  People decry guns and violence and want to curtail the Second Amendment in the name of saving lives, yet five members of the US Supreme Court essentially refused to take steps to save innocent lives.   It is a sad day for America. 

Our future is at state with the upcoming presidential elections.  Imagine what America will become if Hillary Clinton is the person making the recommendations for US Supreme Court Justice. 

Certainly Hillary Clinton shows little respect for the rule of law…as the Associated Press showed how she concealed evidence.  And just today, Judge Andrew Napoltiano said that the discovery of a potentially damning email that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over to the State Department is of “critical importance,” and this revelation directly contradicts Clinton’s repeated claims that she never jeopardized national security secrets and that her emails were never hacked.

A Hillary administration would bring more deals like this one — which should give all of us concern. 

Thank you Michael Goodwin for another great column. Larry Kudlow also calls it like he sees in regarding Brexit.  And support for Brexit from an unlikely person — Bill Mahar.

The least friendly tax state in America is…I was hoping against hope that it would not be New York, but alas, New York is according to the Motley Fool. 

Hmmm, why did they have to triple legal fees?  Maybe Preet Bharara gives us the answer in this article.

What a waste!  And to add insult to injury, they call themselves a zero-waste school.



Daily Update

The Supreme Court’s 4-4 ruling leaves in place a lower court’s injunction that held the president broke immigration and procedural laws by claiming the power to grant “deferred action” to nearly half of the illegal immigrants in the country.  But President Obama tells illegal immigrants not to worry; “They will remain low priorities for enforcement,” he said. He then goes on to urge voters to punish punish those who want stricter enforcement of immigration laws.  You and I should be punished because we love our country and obey the Constitution.  Whining is such a great example, Mr. President.  Two hundred and ten days and counting. 

The Democrats end their sit-in…for now. I would hope that they read this over the 4th of July break.  Nothing they have proposed would have prevented the ISIS inspired killer from purchasing the guns he settled on.  BTW, did you know that 26 of the Congressmen participating in the sit-in — own guns.  If only they would put half as much effort into protecting AMERICA.

Here is Guy Benson’s take on the sit-in; and Judge Andrew Napolitano’s

Does he still get to serve as a super-delegate?

Major corporations:  RNC no support at convention, but Al Sharpton is okay.

“I plead the 5th” — over 125 times, even on his resume.  Judge Napoltino explains he only has immunity with the FBI, not for what he may have said in this disposition. More emails show that the State Department knew her server had problems and was probably hacked. 

Thursday’s with GipperTen. 

Daily Update

Are we back in the Sixties — Dems stage sit-in on House floor to push for gun vote.  Every person in America is outraged about the carnage in Orlando.  No one ever should have to be subjected to the depravity that took the lives of 49 people and the 53 who remain forever scared and scarred by the evil that took place in the Pulse.  The First responders must also live with the memories of those they could not save…and the utter abomination of death by someone who destroyed for the sake of destruction.  And our leaders stage a sit-in.  If a thousand gun-control laws were passed — nothing would change when one is a radical Islamic extremist.  If not a gun, then a pressure cooker — or any means possible to kill as many infidels as possible.  The call for more gun-control will not change a thing, except,  maybe make innocent American’s lives more difficult.

CAIR is celebrating their efforts to get out the vote and its large increase in voter registrations.

Why Has America Become a Fractured Republic? Yuval Levin Explains.

Shane Harris writes in The Daily Beast about The Lawyers Who Could Take Down Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The NY Post editorial board thinks Hillary’s “economy” attack is hopeless.

Governor Cuomo’s democracy in action.

Can’t we do anything without government help?  Gov. Cuomo announced a new initiative to keep pedestrians safe across the state with a $110 million pedestrian safety plan.  People, this is YOUR tax dollars. You are going to work every day to put a roof over your head,  food on your table, clothing on you and your children, maybe some entertainment and taxes to the government so they can devise a pedestrian safety plan.  When did we stop teaching our children to not run into the street, cross at the corner and look both ways — and nowadays to put the phone down when walking.  Seriously, $110 million?

Michael Goodwin has another must read column. 

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Daily Update

Live Free or Die — thank you New Hampshire!  On June 21, 1788 New Hampshire became the 9th State to ratify the US Constitution, thereby making it the law of the land as of March 4, 1789.

Why did the White House just humiliate Loretta Lynch?

Here is Charles Krauthammer’s take on why Obama allows — or should I say encourages — any links to Islam… as Charles says the larger issue is an administration that has no respect for historical record of actual events. 

However, the issue continues to percolate.  Katie Pavlich brings us up to date on the latest Judicial Department release of the 911 transcript, which are still not a complete release.

David Limbaugh opines that Big Brother Obama Suppresses Information to Promote Propaganda.

Dennis Prager opines on The Immaturity of Supporting Hillary Clinton as a Woman.

Single-stall bathrooms in NYC will be gender-neutral in long before all bathrooms are gender-neutral.

Wasting $100 million a year and Mayor deBlasio doesn’t care.

Today’s NY Post editorial states that Trump starts to get his swing back.  It is extremely important that he does because if Hillary becomes president, Hillary would control the US Supreme Court until 2050!

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell:  The Gun Control Farce.

Daily Update

The Obama Administration is totally out of control!  They have NO LEGAL RIGHT to change a transcript…what are they thinking...changing a Fox News Q&A transcript on the Iran Deal…and these are just two that we know of…how many other changes and or edits are out there?   More on the Orland transcript omissions are in this article.

BREAKING:  President Obama caves to pressure…releases full transcript

Is Governor Cuomo taking lessons from President Obama?

Saturday’s NY Post featured an op-ed piece by Paul Sperry:  Why the ‘lone-wolf’ terrorist is a myth,   Sunday’s NY Post Editorial explained how Obama’s blackout on radical Islam leads to dots going unconnected

How can we protect America when our students learn a sanitized history of what made us unique and great.

The terrorism blame game.

The Daily Signal has 7 ways to prevent another Orlando attack here.

SCOTUS rejects a chance to end the gun control debate.

E. J. McMahon delves deeper into NY’s pension problems.

Will Marco Rubio change his mind about the US Senate seat he is about to give up?

Here is some good news about our future generation.


Daily Update

The Obama Administration is ruling by fiat again!  Everyone agrees that a known terrorist should not be allowed to purchase a gun…any gun.  The problem is who decides who is on the “no fly list”.  No one really knows who does the list and once on it…it is almost impossible to get your name cleared.  What we do know is that there are some in government out to harm those who dare to disagree with them and that should give all of us a reason to be cautious of a “no fly list” with little recourse to clear your name.

Sen. Ted Cruz reminds us of the 76 Abuses of Power and Lawless Actions by The Obama Administration and these are only through January of 2015.  We can also add The FCC ruling just upheld by a federal appeals court. 

Some elected official in our government are determined to undermine conservatives. 

John Lott’s article — Why terrorists target gun-free zones — should be read by all those who think gun control laws are the answer. 

Orlando shooter posted messages on Facebook pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS and vowing more attacks…would any laws have stopped this crazed person?

Do we really want women to register for the draft?  I for one do not!

Is Speaker Heasti playing with us?

Bill Hammond writes in The Torch that Albany’s cancer bill misses the mark.

It has been a rough week news wise, so a little bit of humor is needed


Daily Update

The Obama Administration again renews its call for more gun control — they are so misguided on this issue. 

Michael Goodwin writes in his column — Obama’s tantrum a striking display of failed leadership —  He laid waste to a field of straw men, cable-TV pundits and the always-evil “partisan rhetoric,” by which he means anyone who disagrees with him. It was a striking display of personal anger and pent-up grievances — and a total failure of leadership during a national crisis.

Former Senator Jim DeMint has it right when he says our enemy is political islam, not each other.

Todd Starnes is right when he writes that the enemy is radical Islam, not the National Rifle Association.

Red State writes:  No, the Founding Fathers Would Not Have Objected To Assault Weapon Ownership Or Any Weapon At All

And lest anyone tries to argue that Australia’s gun confiscation worked in reducing mass shootings, read this.  Not convinced yet, read this

The Democrats in the Senate continue to ignore facts and demand more gun control.  They obviously do not understand just how brilliant our Founding Fathers were — granting an ordinary citizen the right to bear arms in order to preserve the freedoms granted after freeing themselves from the tyranny they had endured. 

Ralph Peters has a few suggestions — other than gun control — on how to defeat the Islamist fanatics.

More bad news regarding Common Core:  It doesn’t prepare students for college. 

Mayor de Blasio beware; Rev. Michel Falukner wants your job.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams



Daily Update

It pays to have Council Speaker Mark-Viverito as a friend if you are doing business in New York City.

Nicole Gelinas has an eye-opening column in today’s New York Post.  Citizens of New York City, read Ms. Gelinas’ column and then contact your Councilman and demand that your tax dollars no longer fund the special union fund. 

More bad news about New York’s economy.  E. J. McMahon explains New York was one of only 10 states to register no growth or even a decline in real (inflation-adjusted) GDP in the last three months of the year, during which the U.S. as a whole registered growth of 1.7 percent, the federal Bureau of Economic Affairs (BERA) estimated.

Comptroller Tom DiNapoli had more bad news for New Yorkers:  The state pension fund barely broke even.  The fund gained only 0.19% —  far short of the fund’s target of a 7 percent annual rate of return.  This will likely cause the contribution rates of state government and hundreds of localities to rise in coming years.

Fred Dicker is reporting in his weekly column that investors are pulling out of the Buffalo Billion project amid corruption probe. 

The Watertown Daily Times isn’t too enthused with Start Up NY…another boondoggle created by Governor Cuomo to give false hope that jobs would be created.

We also have a president that makes hiring harder.

And who has failed to protect us from terror, an excellent column by Rich Lowry.

Officials are not allowed to say “jihad” or “sharia” according to a report issued by Homeland Security Advisory Council just days before the Orlando killing rampage by Mateen.

What the main stream media is spinning about the murderous rampage committed by Mateen.

The day after horror in Orlando, only Trump has any answers.

Notable commentary on the Orlando terror attack — from the NY Post’s new “Fast Takes” feature.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell:  Will Orlando Change Anything?