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Weekly Wrap Up

Labor Day is here already which means two things; Summer is almost over and the citizens really start paying attention to the upcoming November Elections.  There are 68 days until we choose a new president and either continue the dismal Obama Administration or remember that our US Constitution is based on the fact that “We, the people…” control our government. 

This week our national debt reached $19.5 trillion dollars, in eight years, under Barack Obama, it has almost doubled.  Obama’s left-wing policies have created more debt in his eight years than the combined debt in the history of our nation.  Which of his policies have caused the most damage to hardworking Americans?  Let us know in his week’s poll questions.  Just as a reminder, the $19.5 trillion is only the federal debt, states and local debt add to the burden taxpayers shoulder. 

We learned this week how Bill and Hillary have used taxpayers money to support the Clinton Foundation.  Judicial Watch let us know that Huma Abedin was more than willing to help Doug Band — a Clinton Foundation executive — get DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS through Clinton’s State Department

Hillary’s VP pick, Tim Kaine does not think sanctuary cities exist which shows just how out of touch Tim Kaine is. 

We also learned this week that the Obama Administration wants to nationalize our elections.  What could possibly go wrong with that idea — Obamacare is doing so well

Donald J. Trump had a very good week.  Charles Krauthammer thought Donald Trump dominated President Pena Nieto.   If you missed his speech on Immigration, you can read it here.  The editors at National Review called it “A Tough but Sensible Immigration Policy.”  Trump’s outreach to the minority vote is having positive results despite what the main stream media is reporting.  This brings me to our second and third poll questions, what do you think Mr. Trump has to work hardest on to win the White House and what should Trump focus on between now and November 8.

The Heritage Foundation explains that Harry Reid is all out to end Rule 22, the Senate rule that allows debates.  All the more reason to be certain that New York’s Charles Schumer never becomes the Senate Majority Leader. 

We have a special bonus question in this week’s poll — and I will personally deliver your response to Donald Trump at our September 7 reception that features Mr. Trump.  Be sure to answer our fourth question.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!



Daily Update

Hillary’s week isn’t getting any better — first there is this:  Experts poke holes in Clinton Foundation’s promised donor ban, then there is this: Reuters is reporting that according to a think tank there were secret deals for Iran after the nuclear agreement, but the most damaging must read article today is in Politico:  Bill Clinton used tax dollars to subsidize foundation, private email server.  Without a doubt, Hillary and Bill are the most corrupt couple in US politics and actually make President Coriolanus Snow look good. 

Donald J. Trump is completing his best week yet,  The Washington Times says, Donald Trump: International Man of Diplomacy — yes, really.    This from Byron York: Mexico gamble a huge win for Trump.  From the NY Post editorial page:  Pivoting on immigration and Mexico: A good day for Trump.   BRYAN FISCHER, writes this in One News Now, Trump just won the White House

George F. Will opines on Team Obama’s bank-settlement cash grab is unconstitutional.  Imagine what could happen under a Hillary Administration….just another reason to make certain she does not become president.  The NY Post editorial headline states:  You can see right through Obama aide’s ‘transparency’ lies.  Again on this topic, imagine a Hillary Administration…she would probably jail reporters for reporting the truth. 

How government waste almost cost the life of a child and what was done to prevent such issues in the future. 

Legislators in Virginia fight back — File Contempt Motion Against McAuliffe Over Felon Voting

Read what Chairman Long thinks of this:  New York state court rules non-biological, non-adoptive parents can seek custody, visitation if couple breaks up

Sen. Schumer is still silent on EpiPens, but has no problem slamming Canadian rules

Thursday’s with GipperTen


Daily Update

Deroy Murdock opines in National Review how Never Trump equals Hillary, plain and simple

A fresh reminder that the Clintons never play by the rules is the headline of a NY Post editorial.

And if all of the above isn’t enough reason, read Mark Thiessen opinion piece titled Where are the #NeverHillary Democrats?  Part of what he says is “Now they have a kleptocratic nominee who epitomizes everything they claim to oppose — and they seem to be completely fine with it.” Read the rest of the column here.

And then there is this:  “Clinton emailed classified information after leaving State Dept.”  Read the rest of Daniel Halper’s article here

One can’t help but wonder what will happen when Hillary answers the 25 question posed by Judicial Watch. Here are the 25 questions

With all of the above, it is no wonder that The Hill is reporting a tightening of the polls.  And that Hillary’s support among women is waning.

It is frightening to think that “other players” could hack and disrupt our election system.  It is even more dismaying to think the federal government is thinking about taking charge of our elections!  There is do doubt our election system has some problems.  Today’s Daily Signal has some solid ideas on how to address the issue of being hacked by “other players”. 

Why does the IRS Commissioner, JohnKoskinen,  still have a job?

More wasted taxpayer’s money.  And even more wasted by Social Security

Here is a bonus Thomas Sowell column.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.

Daily Update

Sen. Schumer —  who we all know loves the camera and creates news on “hot topics”  —  has been strangely silent on the EpiPen skyrocketing costs.  Now we know why thanks to our US Senate candidate Wendy Long who broke the story yesterday. 

Mayor de Blasio is so indebted to the Teacher’s Union, he is seeking to create PROSE schools.  Mr. Mayor, please put the children first — support and expand Charter Schools. 

Cuomo administration announces plan to overhaul medical marijuana after complaints that the original bill is too restrictive.  The camel will soon be totally inside the tent!  Most of what they want to do now will be done by the DOH;  afterproposing regulatory amendments that will be published in the state register next month,  Most alarming is that one of the proposals is to allow schools to administer medical marijuana.   Think about that for a minute — schools cannot give a student an asprin — but they want to allow schools to administer “medical marijuana.”  Also, just last month the DEA would not take marijuana of the Schedule 1 list because it has never been proven that marijuana has medicinal effects.  The unintended consequences of any changes will be immeasurable. 

Is that college education worth the costs?

From the Daily Caller:  EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s Closest Aides Worried About Who Had Access To Her Email Address.

Then there is this from the Observer:  Media Orgs Donate to Clinton Foundation Then Downplay Clinton Foundation Scandal

File this under:  Entitled College President using your tax dollars

The Albany Times Union’s editorial page asks Governor Cuomo “What’s to hide, governor?”

Obama tweaks Obamacare.

Dennis Prager opines On Hillary Clinton as a Model for Young Girls. 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.


Daily Upadate

Taxi tycoon Evgeny Freidman owes $13M in taxes, NYC blasted for doing nothing about it is a headline in the Daily News.  Apparently he hasn’t paid the $.50 surcharged that is supposed to go to the MTA for years, but he still has his 900 medallions.  Add this to the list of why people do not trust government anymore. 

Stephen F. Hayes has an excellent piece in the Weekly Standard – Aiding and Abedin.  Well worth reading. 

Hillary told us all about the Alt-Right last week, now the New York Sun wants to know why Hillary won’t denounce the Alt-Left. 

The State Department — President Obama — is stalling and doing their best to “protect” Hillary, AGAIN!  Seven months after a federal judge ordered the State Department to begin releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules showing meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state, the government told The Associated Press it won’t finish the job before Election Day.  What do they have to hide?

Rasmussen reports that most American’s favor America First foreign policy…and believe Obama doesn’t. 

Bill Hammond explains how New York is doing with its Affordable Care Act — Obamacare.  True to form, New York’s is one of the most costly in the country. 

Constitution.Com has a video and article on Voter Fraud, a serious concern for all of us and one that could be curtailed quite a bit with a photo ID.  The Daily Signal reminds us of 7 things the government requires ID for.  If ID is required to those 7 items, why not for voting? 

FBI warns states that there is heightened concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about the possibility of cyberintrusions, potentially by Russian state-sponsored hackers, aimed at disrupting the November elections.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) says the US may give up internet stewardship — giving control to the United Nations.   From WSJ “When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30”  Congress can stop the Obama plan…by continuing its ban on the Obama plan.  Do you want the UN to control the Internet?  This should be an issue that every Congressman can agree on getting passed and override a possible veto. 

Governor Cuomo has a strange definition of “ethic reform“.

Monday’s with Robert J. Knight. — (Sometimes it is good to know New York is the only state with serious problems.)



Daily Update

Breaking:  US Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian ship; 4 Mideast close calls this is also following this breaking news. 

Do you remember Bill Clinton saying this during his 1995 State of the Union Address?  I’m sure Hillary approved what he said then but if asked would say he never said that.  Hillary was quite critical of President Obama’s relationship with his financial backers, but, now bristles if anyone says there is a link between the Clinton Foundation and access to her.  Some areeven calling for the Clinton Foundation to be shutdown

National Review has a list of 15 questions Hillary should answer under oath

With all of the serious problems facing Hillary, it is a comical that we still have a sense of humor about the pickle she is in.  Of course, our sense of humor is what she is counting on, because the laugh will be on us should she become the leader of the free world.  Will the complicit media should the responsibility of giving us this ethically challenged woman because they are too afraid to properly vet her or worse really think she is capable due to their bias?

Harvard prof Laurence Tribe changed his tune on the IRS scandal. 

The Empire Center let’s us know Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new Clean Energy Standard is shaping up to be one of the largest tax hikes in state history.  Read about this massive tax hike here.

The Daily Signal tells us that some doctors are fighting Obama’s mandate that forces doctors to perform gender transition procedures on adults and children against their medical judgment. 

States are facing pension fund gap approaching $1 trillion.

Washington, DC restaurants are losing 8 jobs a day with new wage increase. 

It is organizations like the “Cajun Navy” that makes America great!  Kudos to a great group of people. 

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Daily Update

Hillary is not having a good week — Kathleen Parker opines in the Washington Post that “the coziness between State and the Clinton family charity exposes a troubling hubris…” among other equally eye-opening sentences in a decidedly left-of-center newspaper.  Read the rest of Ms. Parker’s column here.

David Keene opines in the Washington Times on a big slush fund for the Clinton Foundation.   Despite James Carville imprecise defense of the Foundation this morning, the Foundation does not have a stellar reputation as pointed out in Mr. Keene’s column…in fact, Charity Navigation had the Clinton Foundation on its watch list. 

How do your focus on your State Department priorities when the majority of you private meetings are with foundation donors?   Flashback:  Hillary said absolutely nothing she did at State was related with the foundation.

Huma Abedin was careless with material that needed to be burned.  That was careless, but, Huma’s working with her mother carries a much bigger concern

Hillary knows she really has a problem when old pal George Stephanopoulos and ABC covers the release of the additional 14,900 emails the FBI found and she did not turn over. 

But we shouldn’t worry as Hillary is just like she proves with this email. 

Did George Soros teach the Clinton’s or did the Clinton’s teach George Soros that smearing your opponents is the only way to win?

Powerful: Mothers of Children Killed By Illegal Aliens Tell Their Stories

This is troublesome, hopefully we will be able to get a podcast and follow up on the EPA’s illegal human experiments

North Carolina is ground zero for the transgendered movement and what media gets wrong about the issue

Betsy McCaughey brings us up to date with her latest columns. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.


Daily Update

Have you ever heard of the “Judgement Fund”?  Neither did I, until I read this.  Kudos to the NY Sun for letting us know how President Obama paid Iran at our expense.  Do you find it ironic that the State Department issued a warning urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, which has made the detention of Americans a priority.  Now that Iran knows they can be paid a ransom the incentive to detain Americans increased ten times tenfold!

Clinton faces late summer scandal wave.  The Washington Times is also reporting on the undisclosed emails and the NY Post editorial sounds off on more Clinton Inc. sleaze.

Carl Campanile and Jazmin Rosa have an article in today’s NY Post that reads, “Cuomo wants the government to pay union workers higher wages.”  Since the government does not have any money of its own, the headline should be “Cuomo wants YOU to pay union workers higher wages.”

The Daily Signal lets us know how many jobs NYS (and other states) will lose with the staggering increase in the minimum wage — another Governor Cuomo boondoggle.

Yesterday a US District Judge in Texas blocked President Obama’s mandate to allow students to use the bathroom of their choice rather than of their birth.  Then another federal district court upheld a funeral director’s religious liberty in another case that considered transgendered rights. Today we learn of a two distinguished scholars at John Hopkins University  have released a lengthy, three-part report concluding that there’s not sufficient evidence to prove homosexuals and transgenders are born in that condition – in other words, there is no “gay gene.”  

Stephen Moore opines on What Republican Turncoats Forget. 

And William Bennett opines on What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean for America. 

Wendy Long responds to criticism of her remarks about Syracuse’s North Side (Commentary). 

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell


Daily Update

Fredric U. Dicker’s Monday column in the NY Post state’s “Trump’s staff says it’s ‘full steam ahead’ in New York.”   We attest Mr. Dicker’s headline and hope that you will join us on September 7 when Donald J. Trump attends our 2016 Presidential Reception and accepts tour nomination to run on the Conservative Party’s line in November.  Don’t miss out on this exciting event, make your reservation today

Byron York: Onstage, Trump sheds ego, lays off media, hones new role and his numbers are up reflecting the presidential Donald J. Trump

Hillary’s campaign is beginning to crack, despite all of the free media help she is privy to and the ability to lie through her smile.  Did you see this article over the weekend?  What an eye-opener!  Of course, the Clinton Campaign denies any “active role.”  The Washington Times has an article on how the Clinton Foundation used Huma Abedin to set up meetings between Hillary and big supporters.   Hillary tries to gets help from her beloved husband Bill, but Bill gets 3 Pinocchios for his spin.  Today, Colin Powell sets the record straight on another Hillary lie.  And, the FBI found almost 15,000 emails Hillary never turned over to them after she said she handed all of them over.  Anyone concerned about government taking their money to redistribute it will realize just how much Hillary plans on taking with plans like this.   All of this is so tiring for Hillary that she had to take a private jet for a 20 mile trip!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another plan to spend your money — this time one plan will cost you twice!  New York is number 1 again…this time in spending $2.6 billion on tax breaks for the film industry from 1997 to 2015, far outpacing every other state in the country.  Thanks Gov. Cuomo, we just want to know why when there is so little in return.

The Daily Signal tells us what the media gets wrong about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Monday’s with Robert Knight.


Daily Update

A three-judge panel of the 2d US Circuit Court of Appeals sent a clear message to corrupt politicians with this ruling.

Will Breddermann has an article in the Observer on how Governor Andrew Cuomo thinks there is “no right or wrong” when it comes to economic development in NYS, just opinions.  When reading the article it became apparent to me that Andrew is emulating Mario more and more each time he speaks to the press.

The Empire Center reminds us that Upstate job gains stay near nil, despite Gov. Cuomo pouring our tax dollars into projects. 

One seldom wants an “F” when it comes to grades, but, on this particular issue, I would welcome an “F”. 

The federal government will probably collect $6.65 trillion dollars this year, but that is not enough for Hillary Clinton who needs more for her progressive agenda

President Obama is trying to bypass Congress AGAIN with an effort to unilaterally raise the federal estate tax.

Nothing interrupts President Obama’s vacation, if this were Dubya or any republican president the press would be all over them.   Of course, if President Obama could find a way to blame the flooding on Climate Change we are sure he would be in Louisiana, however, facts show the flooding is not caused by man-made climate change

Trump exposed an ugly secret about Dems and African-Americans

Thursday’s with




Daily Update

Most of today’s headlines about Donald J. Trump are about the shake-up in his campaign, but if you look a little deeper – or go to Mr. Trump’s campaign page — you will be see what is being said about his speech last night in West Bend, Wisconsin.  Quite a few rave reviews — Focused, Powerful and Disciplined!   Read it for yourself here.

How does a person who wants to be President of our United States — who if they win will swear on a Bible that they will uphold the United States Constitution — have an illegal immigrant with ties to George Soros tappedfor a new effort to register Latino voters?  If you elevate an illegal immigrant to such an important position, how do you respect, honor and uphold our US Constitution. Through the years, progressive judges have given illegal immigrants more stature, under an administration that taps an illegal immigrant to help their cause, rest assured, immigrants will flood the United States and be granted all the rights of citizenship. 

Another major insurer abandons most Obamacare exchanges.   Betsy McCaughey opines on the looming problems in Obamacare.  In NY State, here is one reason health care costs are out of control. Bill Hammond, and expert on health insurance, writes in the NY Torch, how NY undercuts private-sector plans.

Ben Shapiro opines on what riots are good.for

US Senate candidate Wendy Long in Rochester, NY.  Here is Wendy Long’s latest press release on Sen. Schumer and Preet Baharara.

Governor Cuomo’s administration faulted for mismanagement of federal funds.

The NY Post editorial asks’ the question:  Will New Yorker’s ever be free of endless government rules and sky-high taxes? 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.


Daily Update

The NY Post writes that the “extreme vetting” that Donald J. Trump called for in his speech on fighting terrorism has been adopted at times of need here in the United States.   You can read the full text of his speech here

Fred Barnes critiques Mr. Trump’s speech

Did Hillary lie to Congress or the FBI?  We have a right to know before the November elections.

Windsor Mann opines about a candidate you can trust … (to lie).

Investor’s Business Daily is hoping that Preet Bharara will find the truth regarding the Clinton Foundation’s scams…we only hope that Preet Bharara will find the backbone to go after the Foundation’s scams and not fold like a cheap suit the way James Comey did after investigating Hillary’s email scam.

Rest assured, if Hillary becomes president, this will continue and most likely be expanded.

Heather Mac Donald explains Why Milwaukee Burns

According to the Daily Signal, 51 families ask the court to suspend Chicago’s bathroom and locker room policies.  This lawsuit joins other lawsuits filed by families across the country.  President Obama is undeterred by the lawsuits and will issue a new directive this week ordering all federal facilities to become unisex. 

US Senate candidate, Wendy Long, was in Syracuse and brought to light the problems some residents have been telling her about .  Long will be endorsed by Maggie’s List tomorrow.  Read about it here.

Aren’t reporters supposed to report the news — not report what they want you to hear?  Should this CNN reporter be fired

We are still the least free state according to a new report by the Cato Institute.

This was posted on our Conservative Party App earlier today.  Have you downloaded our App yet?

E. M. McMahon looks at Comptroller DiNapoli’s report on our NY Common Retirement Funds “slight gain.”

Mr. Mayor….education is paramount; enough of this.   (Be sure to read Tuesday’swith Thomas Sowell advice below.)

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.