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Daily Update

President Obama is going to visit Hiroshima next month where he will most likely continue his assault on American exceptionalism.  While the article states the President will not apologize, it doesn’t mean won’t come close.

Would the Administration alter TV tapes?  According to Fox News reporter, James Rosen, it did.  How Nixonian!

Seems like the State Department had another nixonian moments also.   Not one email between Hillary and her IT guy.  Rather strange…not even one to say it was up and running and he was done. 

Gregg Jarrett opines on the real reason the FBI interviewed disgraced congressman Weiner’s wife.

One would think that the Mayor of New York City would have the best interests of students as his priority, not the Teacher’s union.  Mayor de Blasio is so wrong on this issue.

The NY Post editorial board does not think the Mayor can call the numerous investigations “political conspiracy.”

Jon Campbell has more information regarding the Cuomo probe.

Why can’t a child’s movie, just be a movie?

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Daily Update

Finally, a governor — North Carolina’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory — with backbone!  The state was facing a Monday deadline set by the administration to respond to its demand that North Carolina either scrap the “bathroom” law or face legal action and risk losing federal funds.
McCrory refused, and instead filed suit.

Really, Mayor de Blasio?  You can’t be serious when you say that US racism is responsible for Puerto Rico’s financial woes.  Then again, knowing how you worship the progressive agenda and disdain the free-market system, you really do think racism is the reason that Puerto Rico freely spends money it does not have.  

Mayor de Blasio asked for donations, while lobbyists had business before the city.

With all the pressure the Mayor is under, he is testing new lines of defense.

Are you a “fat-cat”?  If so, Democrats are selling national convention access

Michael Goodwin had a scathing column — Meet the Democratic Liars Club — in yesterday’s New York Post.

Heather McDonald writes in her new book what the war on cops does to America’s poor.  It is noteworthy that Heather Mac Donald toiled away early on in her career at liberal enclaves, but through her street-level reporting on social services and the police, her worldview shifted away from liberal-progressive to conservative.

Bill Hammond explains the importance of not having four men in a room to decide the budget.  Read what he has discovered in this year’s budget.  We can only hope that there is only one of these examples, but, that may be too optimistic.  As the NY Post editorial notes, To disinfect Albany, you’ve got to start with sunlight.

Breaking News: Court rebukes President Obama again!



Daily Update

Hillary’s bad news day was more than just losing the Indiana primary, it also included the fact that her server was easily hacked by Guccifer.  Judge Napolitano says proof of hacking would make it almost impossible not to charge her.  Why did she pay $187 to Nevada based American Document Destruction, Inc.?  Companies in New York do the same thing; did she think it would be too obvious to destroy a hard drive in her home state? 

The US 9th Circuit Court (known to be the most liberal)  gave Arizona a big win with their decision to allow Arizona to impose their own stiff penalties on illegal immigrants — or others — who steal someone’s identity in order to get a job. 

The Empire Center explains more about the real costs of the minimum wage increase here.

David Stockman explains in five reasons why Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Upon examining the five reasons, New York State (and other states)  citizens should be concerned as many are heading down that roads of government waste and spending; the minimum wage; a dependence on debt; the lack of adaptability and lastly union greed.  All items we have been very vocal on. 

Powerline strikes back at the extreme overreach of Obama’s Department of Justice’s attack on North Carolina’s recent reasonable law requiring that bathrooms, locker rooms and so on be used by those of the proper sex–male or female, based on physical organs.  More on this from Fox News.  Fifty-one families in Illinois are fighting one high schools transgendered policy. 

Mr. Percocco is not having a good week, neither is the Governor

Mayor de Blasio is still raising money for his planned re-election.  While de Blasio is raising money he is telling New Yorkers not to eat at Chick-Fil-A because he doesn’t like their politics. 

Rand Paul wants to end abortion on demand.  Here is his plan.  

Meanwhile, scientists are growing human embryos in laboratories specifically to preform experiments on them and later destroy.


Daily Update

Michael Goodwin has another excellent column in today’s NY Post — part of which endorses our call for term limits and ending pensions for convicted felons.  Sign our petition demanding term limits here; and return it to:  NYS Conservative Party, 486 78th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209.  The more petitions we turn in, the louder our voice becomes. 

Ken Lovett writes in the NY Daily News that pols better get the message that corruption won’t be tolerated.  Pols can stop the corruption with REAL REFORM:  Enact Term Limits Now.

The NY Daily News editorial laments that Sheldon Silver’s “Silverites” enabled him and ends the editorial with ” It’s only too bad there are term limits for convicted politicians..”  We must demand term limits for those in office, because obviously that body is not willing to stand up to the corruption right under their eyes. 

The Legislative Gazette states that voters say addressing corruption is a top priority.  Legislators have passed legislation that does not address the issue of ABSOLUTE POWER and as Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts;  absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Legislators must know that you demand term limits NOW.  Sign our petition and return to us at the above address.  The more we deliver to them; the louder our voice.

Todd Kiminsky is sworn in as Senator under the developing de Blasio cloud.

Who is telling the truth

Rest in Peace, Thomas Libous.

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Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio is becoming Mayor Denial.  But when not on the radio, it looks as if he is preparing for a crisis.  

It also looks like Governor Cuomo knows more that he indicated over the weekend when his closest friend was subpoenaed. 

Former Mayor Bloomberg has some wise words for those who think “safe spaces” are required in colleges.

Talking about common sense, listen to Chairman Long when he was on Buffalo Review speaking on the North Carolina “Bathroom Bill.”

After 40 years, Senator Farley had decided he won’t run for Senate again.  

A new Siena Poll say voters want reform.  The Conservative Party sent each member of the legislature a letter this morning, calling for the one true reform that will help end the culture of corruption in Albany:  Term Limits!  You can read the letter here, then click on our petition, sign it and return to the NYS Conservative Party @ 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.  The number of petitions returned really matters to the members, so please circulate to your friends, family and neighbors.  

Kudos to Judge Arthur Engoron for upholding the law and not being an activist judge!

President Obama, hang your head in shame!  Your role is Commander-in-Chief, be one.

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Daily Update

The NY Post editorial called the Mayor’s budget Pinocchio budgeting.

This blog is not very supportive of President Obama, but when he does get something right, he deserves the credit.  President Obama appointed Preet Bharara in 2009 and New York politicians have certainly made him a household name.  Chairman Long tells Ken Lovett intoday’s NY Daily News that US Attorney Bharara should be reappointed, should that be what he wants.  Chairman Long also said, “”I certainly laud him for what I consider the beginning of the cleanup, the cleansing, of New York State politics.  It seems like the whole state is infested — the city of New York, Assembly members, state senators and now the executive branch.”

Bharara’s Buffalo Billion probe taints Cuomo’s upstate boon.  The mushrooming Cuomo problem is also covered in today’s Politico-NY and can be read here.

While we include articles on the constant signs of corruption in our blog, it really is disheartening to those of us who are involved in politics because they truly appreciate all that America and New York State have accomplished through our form of government;  a republic (supreme power is held by the people through their elected representatives) — to see the headlines scream corruption and have our elected officials being investigated.  Ariel and Will Durant wrote in The Story of Civilization that a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.   Voters must make the right choices in every election to be certain the chilling words of the Durant’s are not a prophesy of our future.

In case you missed this headline, McAuliffe restores voting rights for 206K ex-felons; GOP calls it move to boost Clinton.  Virginia only allows a governor to serve one term; but they are eligible after sitting out the next election.  Hopefully, he will not run again and if he did, the voters will remember his executive order allowing ex-felons to vote.

Someone should tell Senator Schumer that this is not new.  Obviously, his mobile device does not have links to his favorite places to shop otherwise he would know every time he came close to a favorite store, his phone would send him text messages.  Since Senator Schumer is always looking for an angle to grab a headline, I guess he thought the “spying bill boards” would get people’s attention.  It did, not because consumers are worried about it, but rather to show how he is totally out of touch with the real world of today’s modern technology.  Time to retire Senator Schumer!

Rasmussen has some interesting results in its latest Presidential poll

Puerto Rico defaults on debt payment; do not let Congress bail them out!  Congressman Darrell Issa has a better solution here.

Breaking News:  Congressman Chris Gibson not running for Governor in 2018





Daily Update

Mr. President, have you seen what this “JV” team is doing lately?  On Monday, United States President Barack Obama said that he expects Mosul to be retaken from ISIS “eventually.”  Seems to me that this “JV” team is at varsity level and you are still in denial. 

A word of advice to President Obama and whomever follows:  Let’s protect what we have before we waste any more taxpayers dollars in failed solar issues. 

While we are talking about wasting taxpayer’s money, the $3071 spent on this, hardly registers in the federal budget.  However, multiply every minute waste of money and soon you are talking about real tax dollars that we work very hard for.

The Tax Foundation gives us a handy chart as to what the state and local individual income tax collections per capita are.  Alas, this is not the chart you want to be number 1 on, yet New York State is number 1. 

As we noted yesterday, the NY Post questions how the handpicked successor to Sheldon Silver is going to clean up Albany. 

Politico is still writing about Mayor de Blasio’s problems

Governor Cuomo is poised to kill more upstate jobs.

Finally, this has been a long time coming.

The American Conservative Union released the 2015 Ratings of Congress and the US Senate.   Congressman Collins scored the highest with a 65% while 12 Democrats scored ZERO.  Both Senators Schumer and Gillibrand also scored ZERO.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey has some advice for the GOP on how to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Ruth Marcus, a columnist for the Washington Post, opines on this: This election is an unpopularity contest for the ages



Daily Update

Six times in the history of the United States, Americans have chosen a New Yorker as their president.  Will 2016 be the seventh?  The odds are quite good since at this time, it looks more and more like both candidates will be a resident of New York State

This is an election year that is rewriting political science.  In the 9th Senate District, the person who voted for Shelly Silver to be Speaker — convicted of corruption — and for Carl Heastie to be Speaker — currently being investigatedappears to be rewarded with a Senate Seat.  Meanwhile the hand picked candidate– by Silver’s loyalists — for Silver’s Assembly Seat Alice Cancel easily won.  These are the people who may write ethics rules for themselves and their fellow legislators.  Do you think they will include term limits?  No Pension if convicted? Or continue the ambiguous ones currently in place.  Look where they come from, the answer is obvious.

You’ve Got a Friend is one of Carol King’s biggest hits;  Governor Cuomo must really like it as he is singing it to organized labor lately

This is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing articles we have posted to date; but it is necessary to do so.  Despite what Hillary said, an unborn child is a human being and an abortedchild must not be sold for spare body parts. 

The Fourth Circuit Federal Court is becoming as radical as the Ninth.  If this Daily Signal post does not point out the consequences of a far left president appointing judges for life, life in America is almost past the brink of profound constitutional changes.

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Daily Update

The AP is reporting more bad news on Obamacare — UnitedHealth, the nation’s biggest health insurer, will cut its participation in public health insurance exchanges to only a handful of states next year after expanding to nearly three dozen for this year.  Read more here.

The Daily Signal recaps the latest case to be heard by the equally divided US Supreme Court. The Justices listened to the oral arguments in a case brought by Texas and 25 other states challenging the Obama administration’s attempt to give legal status and work authorizations to more than four million illegal immigrants.   The Hill also reviews the arguments before the Court and believed that the Administration may not win.

The Empire Center examines what is driving the K-12 school costs increase.

Are we heading for another recession?  According to Investor’s Business Daily, the signs are there that we are.  USA Today is reporting that defaults are at the highest level since 2009, another bad sign.

New York has the second highest foreclosure rate.  

The Sun opines on the possibility of a super high tax on guns, first reported by Americans for Tax Reform and disclosed on Drudge Report.  While the editorial becomes a little far-fetched, it does provide food for thought.

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Daily Update

Mayor de Blasio is probably questioning why he agreed to do a TV show on Channel 4 in New York City. 

Last week Hillary celebrated the first anniversary of her campaign, National Review condenses that year here.  Are the Clinton’s tied to the Panama Papers, many of their friends are. 

Michael Goodwin’s Sunday column in the NY Post makes the case for NOT voting for Hillary.  In part “As The New York Times documented, and as Sanders has emphasized, Clinton’s regime-change strategy for Libya was a colossal failure that created a humanitarian disaster and a terrorist base.”  Read the rest of what he has to say here.

The Daily Caller also reports on how Hillary repays her supporters.  And this was done when Secretary of State, just think of what she can (and will) do if president with every federal agency under her control. 

All millennials — especially those who support Bernie — must read this.   And Bernie needs a reminder in economics.  Here is a good article for him to read so he will understand why promising “free college” is a bad idea.  And this is for all Bernie supporters:  this is what you paycheck will look like under a Sander’s Administration.

Sharon Kehnemui has a great article on Fox News explaining how important it is to know history — a concept millennials and younger students are not being taught.

Now that your taxes have been filed, read this to find out where they are going.  Federal spending is obviously out of control and whomever is elected in 2016 will have to make the right decisions to protect our Republic.  Does anyone believe Bernie or Hillary are capable of doing that — if so, you are not paying attention to what they are saying.  The Republic is in our hands.  Sharon Kehnemui’s opinion piece is a good reminder to all.   








Daily Update

This is a shameful lack of common sense.  It is things like this — Department of Education bungles — that allowed a grade-fixing principal to be reinstated, it is no wonder parents are clamoring to place their children in charter schools.

Bye-Bye Richard Emery, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Hmm, I wonder if this is included in the $1 Trillion tax increase Hillary will need for all her promises.

Hillary, please explain your hypocrisy on equal pay. Carrie Lukas opines in the NY Post on the same issue.  

Yates and Genesee Counties also have problems with the unfunded mandate to increase the salary of their District Attorney.

New York should follow Maine’s successful welfare reform to save taxpayers and encourage the American Dream. 

The Empire Center notes that incentives encourage Medicaid patients to choose well.

Re. Michel Faulkner wants to know where is the people’s champion.

Mr. President, can’t you get your Iranian friends to grant these Members of Congress a waiver.  By the way, everyone, but you, knew you couldn’t. 

The rapidly changing electronics world means rapidly changing laws.  Look for this case to end up in the US Supreme Court.  


Daily Update

Former defensive lineman for the NY Jets, Rev. Michael Faulkner, thinks the Hill and Bill (the Mayor, not her husband) “joke” was insensitive at the very least.  Here is the rest of what he said “On the Record.”

After that debacle, Hillary (and Bernie this time) are off in Fantasyland according to this NY Post editorial. 

A young officer was stripped of his gun, badge and paycheck just for speaking ill of the Mayor.  The officer puts his life on the line every day, speaks his mind in a non-threatening way against the Mayor and is suspended for that?  Will the “you can’t speak your mind police” start suspending others on the force. Maybe the Mayor should be suspended for his “joke”.  

Mayor de Blasio is in a place I’m sure he would rather not be…the sights of US Attorney Preet Bharara…who is not limiting his investigations to only the Mayor. 

A new book, The Closing of the Liberal Mind: How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left,” explains how we are losing our right to speak freely and our constitutional rights as well. 

The Daily Signal writes about the hypocrisy of Disney...and how large corporations are stripping us of our freedoms.

The Rockefeller Institute has a new report out on casino gambling.  The Albany Times Union sums it up with this headline: Gambling tax revenues are not a safe bet.  The Conservative Party knew that long before the report was considered.   

Why Obama is forgiving the student loans of nearly 400,000 people, total amount of debt if everyone takes the disability discharge (and why wouldn’t they since no proof is required), $7.7 billion will be forgiven, for them, not taxpayers.

Hillary admits her proposals have a $1 trillion price tag over a ten-year period

Seriously. people, where do you think this money is coming from?  Or don’t you care as long as you are elected. 

Campaign Lies, a bonus Thomas Sowell column.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.