Author: Phillip Childress

Weekly Wrap-Up

There was much to love and much to loathe in the deal that brought Amazon’s coveted headquarters to New York – but in the wake of losing some 25,000 jobs for New Yorkers, the progressives’ gloating is shameful.

What do you think about Amazon’s departure – overall, is this a setback or progress for New York? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Scathing editorials from New York’s most liberal news outlets indicate that many on the left do not see Amazon’s departure as an undisputed victory – but make no mistake, the anti-capitalist job killers are just getting started.

There are many lessons to learn from the Amazon debacle, and much finger-pointing among the political class. It’s hard to say who comes out of this looking worse:

Andrew Cuomo, who is so used to getting his way that he is lashing out at his own side for a change…

New York City’s two-faced mayor, Bill de Blasio, who was “flabbergasted” that a successful company with endless options would not be at his beck and call…

Petulant state legislators like Michael Gianaris, who “was miffed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t consult him on the deal, according to sources.”

The New York City Council, led by speaker Corey Johnson, who doesn’t understand why companies don’t want to be bullied by left-wing activists who’ve never run a business…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who thinks that posting smug tweets and being a celebrity are more important than jobs for New Yorkers…

And Amazon itself, for playing the crony capitalism game and not liking the final score.

Who do you think looks WORST coming out of the Amazon debacle? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

There was other news this week – notably that President Trump has declared a national emergency to fund border security, as Democrats make even more extremist calls for open borders… Trump-Russia collusion has been revealed as a hoax… the “Green New Deal” is already failing in California… and by the way, liberals want to raise payroll taxes by trillions of dollars.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

President Trump delivered his second State of the Union Address this week, and he rose to the occasion. The American people liked what they heard – including independents and even many Democrats.

You can read the whole speech here. What is your favorite quote from President Trump’s State of the Union address? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Chuck Schumer wore a fiendish grin as President Trump discussed late-term abortions, and the Democrats for the most part stayed in their seats, refusing to applaud, when told of low unemployment, victories against human trafficking, and other American success stories.

But most rational people can take pride in our President blasting socialism, calling out the evil of infanticide, celebrating America’s job boom and taking a common-sense stand on immigration: “Walls work.”

What do you think is the most important issue President Trump raised in his State of the Union address? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

This week in New York we were given yet another reminder that tax-the-rich, big-spending policies don’t work – but the Democrats in Washington won’t let facts stop their push for socialism. It can happen here, which is why we must be vigilant against left-wing proposals like the “Green New Deal” that the Democrats introduced on Thursday.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not making New York proud, to say the least, with a proposal that is little more than a call for enviro-socialism. You can discover what’s in it here – among her plans, she aims to eliminate the convenience of air travel, abolish energy as we know it, and implement government-rationed health care, food and housing – plus it includes a strange war on cows (you have to read it to believe it). And the “Green New Deal” openly promises “economic security for those unable or unwilling to work.”

What do you think is the worst part of this outlandish proposal? That’s the third and final question for our new Weekly Poll.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

The war on unborn children continues this week – Andrew Cuomo has set a dreadful precedent here in New York, and now Virginia has doubled down on infanticide (though many there are understandably, yet insincerely, backtracking).

Will Democrats show even the most basic respect for human life? President Trump is speaking out, and he in fact warned about this in 2016 – the media covered for abortionist liberals then, and their bias is just as clear now.

The left’s culture of death is horrifying. How sickened and outraged are you by the liberals’ escalating abortion extremism? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

As Cal Thomas notes, Democrats used to put country before party, but today they are painfully out of touch with the American people. The abortion issue is just the beginning – you can see it in everything from the liberals’ efforts to impose socialized health care, huge tax hikes and radical environmentalism to their contempt for religion and their refusal to protect our borders.

What do you think is the MOST frightening example of the Democrats’ extremist agenda? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

With the economy booming, the left is desperate to find new ways to drag the country into socialism – so with Nancy Pelosi leading the charge, the Democrats are now focused on rigging America’s elections.

Among their proposals – giving federal workers a week’s paid vacation to do campaign work, restricting our First Amendment rights, and forcing taxpayers to bankroll candidates they oppose. There’s not a term limit to be found in the left’s plans, and no effort to fight voter fraud.

The Democrats claim they are “defending democracy” – what do you think is the biggest threat to Americans’ self-government? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll – and the answers start with the liberals own reforms.

Want to hear me talk about the issues and my big news this week? I will be on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” program tonight at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

I will also be a guest on the John Catsimatidis Radio Show this Sunday morning – you can listen in New York City, Buffalo, Syracuse and Long Island, as well as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Warren, PA stations that serve our region (and in Washington, if that’s where you happen to be).

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

What a heartbreaking week for New York. So many innocent lives will be lost because of the so-called Reproductive Health Act that our legislature passed and Andrew Cuomo signed into law on Tuesday – and how sickening to see One World Trade Center used to celebrate death.

Remember that 11 unborn babies are memorialized at the site of the fallen World Trade Center – according to the Cuomo liberals, their lives don’t count.

Which word do you think best describes Andrew Cuomo’s enactment of the “Reproductive Health Act” that allows abortion up until birth?

Catholic bishops are speaking out, but many want more concrete action from the Church.

Matt Walsh notes that, as documented by, already more African-American babies are aborted than born alive in New York City – and the disparity will now certainly increase thanks to Andrew Cuomo and the left.

And Rush Limbaugh poses a pointed question: Why are liberals willing to celebrate the murder of viable unborn children? His answer is devastating:

“They hate us to the point that anything that gives them the feeling of victory, the feeling of having trounced us, that’s worth the standing ovation. ‘Us’ being religion, God, the Catholic Church, Christianity at large, conservatives, the conservative movement.”

You can see that very hatred in another of this week’s biggest stories – the demonization of Catholic schoolkids from Covington, Kentucky who demonstrably did nothing wrong.

It was media malpractice, plain and simple – fake news and blatant media bias on full display. I hope the kids’ families have their day in court.

This episode shows us that social media has been weaponized against conservatives… that the media’s Trump hatred can lead to alliances with even the most nauseating groups… that journalists are easily duped by liars who portray themselves as victims… and that news outlets and their liberal allies are out to get Christian schools (a goal made clear by at least one New York Times reporter).

What do you think is the PRIMARY takeaway from media’s fake-news attack on Catholic schoolkids from Kentucky? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

That’s it for this week – we’re looking forward to our 52nd Annual CPPAC gathering that starts Sunday.  I hope to see many of our blog readers there.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

This has been a dark week for New York, as Andrew Cuomo hit our state with an avalanche of platitudes (all with a huge price tag – talk isn’t cheap!) and lawmakers began bombarding our state with radical legislation that:

What do you think is the WORST proposal being forced into law by Cuomo and the New York liberals? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll – and I’ll go ahead and jump right into the second question: Who do you think will suffer the MOST by these left-wing policies?

New York’s attacks on the unborn come as the country celebrates the March for Life – and while liberals’ feel a strange passion for abortion, sensible Americans disagree… even the young Americans that many believe to be blindly leftist.

“Here’s what separates the March for Life from any other march,” Matt Walsh points out on Twitter. “Nobody in attendance is marching for themselves. Nobody is demanding rights or privileges for themselves. Everyone is marching on behalf of those who cannot march.”

This week we also celebrated Religious Freedom Day, and the need to recognize this precious right has never been greater as Democrats continue their assault on religious faith. Their targets include members of the Knights of Columbus and those who teach in Christian schools (and Christian schools themselves) – and there’s no doubt the left is coming for our churches next.

The Democrats’ lackluster candidates for 2020 are all running in lockstep with the left’s radical agenda, including our junior Senator and flip-flopper extraordinaire Kirsten Gillibrand, whose “moral compass” has pointed her to all sides of important issues including gun control and immigration, depending on political convenience.

That Gillibrand is a product of Albany’s corrupt political machine and an ally of the anti-Semitic “Women’s March” calls her qualifications in to questions – what would you say is the TOP reason why she would be a terrible President? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Also this week: Washington’s socialists (i.e. the Democrats) continue to push catastrophic tax hikes; the government shutdown continues to show that much of government is unnecessary; and the “deep state” campaign against President Trump continues to be exposed.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

President Trump delivered a powerful speech Tuesday night on the border crisis facing our country. In the speech, the President said: “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the U.S., undetected, undocumented, unchecked…”

Oh, wait – President Obama actually said that.

What President Trump said Tuesday night is this: “Illegal Immigration is wrong, plain and simple.”

Hold on… my apologies, that’s actually a quote from Chuck Schumer.

Here is the full transcript of President Trump’s speech – it was watched by 43 million people, and the President hit a homerun, if you ask me.

For the first question of our new Weekly Poll, I’ve pulled together what I think are some of the best quotes from the President’s speech – from his important distinction between legal and illegal immigration, to his calling out of the Democrats’ self-righteous claims that walls are “immoral.”

What do you think is the most powerful quote from President Trump’s Oval Office speech? Vote today!

The Democrats’ response, delivered by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, was “stiff and robotic,” as Rush Limbaugh put it – and their performance was literally laughable, as are their ideas. Even many Democrats are not impressed.

What do you think was the WORST aspect of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s response to the President’s speech? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

The fact is, Pelosi and Schumer are just wrong when they say there’s no crisis at our border. Investor’s Business Daily lays out the numbers here, and the Daily Wire gives an inside account of border chaos.

Which factor of America’s border situation do you think makes it a true crisis? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Border issues dominated the week, but we can’t lose track of other important topics – especially the Democrats’ increasing hostility to religious faith.

Catholics are in the liberal crosshairs this week, with Sen. Kamala Harris of California launching an outrageous assault on the Knights of Columbus, which (Sen. Harris is shocked to discover) is a Catholic organization with “extreme” (according to Sen. Harris and the left) Catholic beliefs.

Fortunately, at least a handful of Democrats are standing up to their party’s anti-Christian bigotry.

The Conservative Party is speaking out against Mayor Bill de Blasio (Gotham’s “Man of Steal”) and his paid time off proposal, which is little more than a new tax hike. As I said in this interview, the Mayor’s plan will hurt those businesses that are on the edge of trying to make it – and for those businesses that can handle it, it only is going to drive up the cost for consumers.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s a three-ring circus this week in Washington as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats take control of the U.S. House – with hypocrisy, profanity, and dishonesty on full display. It’s easy to see why Americans now see “government” as the top problem facing our country.

Democrats are already pushing everything from impeaching President Trump and poisoning America’s elections to overturning the Second Amendment, erasing America’s borders and mandating taxpayer-funded abortions.

I agree with Rep. Liz Cheney – let’s hope the Democrats keep talking so Americans will know just how radical they really are. Even many liberals are worried about the Democrats’ extremist bent, as well they should be. The Left’s hunger for abortion here in New York is positively bloodcurdling.

What do you think, right now, is the Democrats MOST extreme idea? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll, and alas there are many options for you to choose from.

Speaker Pelosi, of course, perfectly represents the Democrats’ extremism. And under her new rule, we’ve already seen that she has no respect for the Constitution; she thinks taxpayers are her personal piggy bank; and she is on board with the Democrats’ impeachment obsession.

What do you think is the WORST thing about the new reign of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll, and again – the choices are seemingly endless.

And talk about impeachment obsession – the Democrats got the ball rolling as one of their top priorities for the new Congress… seemingly above border security, national defense, economic growth, or anything else.

President Trump is of course fighting back, and calling out the Democrats’ petty politics.  What do you think the Democrats’ obsession with impeachment says about their party? I’ve made that the third and final question of our new Weekly Poll.

Hope 2019 is treating you well so far, and that you will have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Schumer and a Pelosi.

I’d rather have lumps of coal in my stocking, but right now we’re stuck with these two feckless politicians who come across as weak compared to President Trump’s strong leadership.

Who do you find MORE embarrassing as the Democrats’ so-called “leaders” in Congress – Schumer or Pelosi? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll, and both of them are excellent contenders.

“Nations that don’t control their borders cease to be nations” – strong words this week from Investor’s Business Daily, and an idea that the Schumer/Pelosi liberals refuse to acknowledge.

As we learn more about the crime associated with illegal immigration – and the terrorist leanings of the leaders of the current “caravan” – it is more important than ever to secure our borders. Democrats used to at least say the right things on this critical issue – this week President Trump highlighted the liberals’ hypocrisy by sharing quotes from Schumer, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pledging their opposition to illegal immigration.

In doing so, the President gave us a great question for our new Weekly Poll – as the debate over illegal immigration continues into 2019, which of the Democrats’ quotes reflecting sanity on this issue is your favorite? It’s a rare opportunity to agree with something sensible from the liberals, even if they were entirely insincere, so enjoy!

Fake news continues to proliferate, from stories attacking Border Patrol agents for the sins of the parents to deliberate misquotes of GOP lawmakers in an effort to undermine President Trump. The media is obsessed with the President, so much so that they’re furious he cancelled a Christmas party the press claimed to have no interest in attending. (And good riddance to another inside-the-Beltway spectacle, thanks to the Trump Administration.)

Meanwhile, even the most extreme Democrats (the departing governor of California, no less!) think their party is moving too far to the left, and it is likely that the liberals will ruin their 2020 chances by nominating a candidate who is too far left for this country – whether it’s a novice like Beto O’Rourke, an old-school Socialist like Bernie Sanders, or a divisive figure like Elizabeth Warren (among many others, including questionable characters from New York like Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg).

This would be a blessing, frankly – and I’ll make this the third and final question of our new Weekly Poll: Which of the Democrats’ current 2020 contenders do you think would be the biggest “Christmas gift” to President Trump and the GOP?

Have a great weekend – Christmas is almost here!

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we said goodbye to a great leader, President George H.W. Bush – known for his service to the country, his kindness and strength, and his zest for life.

What will you remember most about our 41st President? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Unfortunately the remembrance of a remarkable life was marred by the usual Trump hatred and media bias. The liberals just can’t help themselves, can they?

Meanwhile it seems that most Americans aren’t all that interested in what the Clintons have to say. Bill and Hillary’s “arena tour” is facing underwhelming attendance and ticket sales, and seats that once cost a fortune are now reportedly selling for $11.

Here’s something to think about: Imagine you’ve found $11 in the cushion of your couch – enough to buy a ticket to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s national tour. What do you think would be a BETTER way to spend that $11?

That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll – I hope you have some fun with it.

The Clintons showboating illustrates just how out of touch they really are – a problem that afflicts seemingly all Democrats, all the way to the top of the party.

Just listen to DNC Chairman Tom Perez complain that voters are misinformed because they pay too much attention to what’s being told to them “from the pulpit,” by their church leaders. Who but the Democrats would view paying attention in church is a bad thing?

The left’s war on faith always becomes especially pronounced during the Christmas season – and this year, liberals who worship political correctness are going after Christianity everywhere from local communities and schools to social media.

And the left can’t even let people enjoy the fun of the holidays – they see evil in everything from the classic song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” to the timeless tradition of “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

How would you describe the left’s politically-correct war on Christmas? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Here in New York this week, our state legislators got an early Christmas present in the form of a big pay raise, and Bill de Blasio is playing the Grinch by cracking down on the ride-sharing operations like Uber and Lyft that people enjoy using – and of course making New Yorkers pay the price.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Over the holiday, I felt very grateful to be an American – gratitude that I know is shared by the Conservative Party’s friends and supporters. But new evidence this week shows that liberals are creating new generations of Americans who don’t understand or appreciate the blessings of our nation.

In fact, large numbers of “millennials” and younger Americans believe what they’ve been taught by the left – that America is racist, sexist, and not all that great.

And it certainly doesn’t help that the left’s “heroes” right now are incompetent, economically illiterate, condescending and smug, and that they hate democracy when things don’t go the Democrats’ way – and of course here in New York, we can add “corrupt” to the list.

Going beyond politics and personalities, though, what I want to ask you today is this: What is the MOST IMPORTANT fact about America that we must be teaching young people right now? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Sadly we learned this week that young people today are by and large profoundly unhappy – we are truly facing a lost generation of Americans.

And is it any wonder, since the very liberals who claim to represent the future constantly hammer this country with doomsday “global warming” propaganda and fake science?

Fortunately we have a President who is not afraid to stand up to the politically correct climate change bullies – but the left continues to cling to their most cherished dogma.

Why is that, do you think? That is the second question in our new Weekly Poll: What do you think is the TOP reason that liberals push bogus “global warming” hysteria?  I look forward to getting your perspective on this.

Finally, the “migrant caravan” – the left is delusional, but there’s no escaping the risks and dangers that America faces right now as a result of this invasion.

Border patrol agent Brandon Judd has helpfully outlined the five primary dangers of the migrant caravan specifically and illegal immigration in general. Which of the five threats he sets forth do you see as most alarming? That’s the final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Let’s all be grateful that we’re still able to search online and find accurate information like stories I’ve shared today – we know for a fact that Google has explored strategies for suppressing “inconvenient truths.” You can count on the Conservative Party to keep giving you the facts.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up

After the hustle and bustle of last week, the news is slowing down just a bit as we welcome the Thanksgiving season.

It’s not all quiet, of course – we’re still seeing possible Cabinet shakeups for the Trump White House; Democratic efforts to steal elections they can’t win; and more bitterness from Hillary Clinton. This week Andrew Cuomo managed to speak the truth about New York’s tax burden, and we’ve seen what a raw deal New Yorkers got in the election of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (and the left seems to be having buyer’s remorse as well).

Our new Weekly Poll questions share a Thanksgiving theme, and we’ll start with one focused specifically on politics – what are you MOST thankful for in the political realm right now?

President Trump is in the White House, and Hillary is not – that fills me with gratitude for sure. I’m thankful that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, and that Chuck Schumer did not win the power to block President Trump’s judicial nominees.

And here at home, I’m so glad we had strong, principled candidates like Marc Molinaro and Chele Farley who were willing to take the fight to the liberals and stand up for conservative values.

I look forward to seeing your votes on this question, and our second one as well: What are you most thankful for as an American right now?

We can’t totally avoid politics here, because much of what we as patriots cherish is under attack from the new left-wing majority in the U.S. House – from religious liberty, the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution itself, to the economic prosperity our country enjoys.

I am of course thankful for the U.S. military, and the brave service members who will stand guard far from home this year so that we can celebrate in peace. To me that should absolutely, always be a non-partisan position.

At any rate, there’s plenty to choose from – evidence of our abundance of blessings – and I look forward to seeing what makes you give thanks this year!

And finally, a fun question to wrap things up: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? I know food, family, friends, and football are on a lot of people’s minds right now – tell me what you believe makes Thanksgiving great.

Let me close by saying that I am thankful to be the leader of your Conservative Party. I can’t think of a more dedicated group of citizens and patriots, who care about our state and our nation.

Thank you for your dedication, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Lots of ground to cover this week – starting with the midterm election results. It was a tough night for New York, and the House fell to the Democrats as expected, but nationwide results offered rays of hope, namely the expansion of the Republican Senate majority.

Let’s start with New York – the election results here showed a deeply divided state, with Cuomo winning an empty victory; he actually lost most local counties. I believe it’s up to the Conservative Party to make sure those counties, and the voters who delivered them to Marc Molinaro, continue to have a voice in our state.  That’s just one of many reasons why I am determined to keep up the fight.

How about you? What do you think is the most important reason for conservatives to keep speaking out against Andrew Cuomo? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ blue wave turned into a blue ripple (though some GOP victories are at risk of being stolen), and the left’s well-financed “green wave” also failed to materialize, even in liberal strongholds.  Now that they control the House, will Democrats overplay their (relatively weak) hand? We’ll see – but there’s little question that the left is poised to double down on violence and incivility and undermine our current economic boom.

President Trump is unbowed, and of course livened things up Wednesday with an epic news conference addressing the midterm elections.  Rush Limbaugh offered a play-by-play that you can read here, and you can watch the whole event here.

I haven’t had any luck finding an actual transcript of the President’s remarks, but I pulled together what I think are some of his most interesting quotes. Which one is your favorite? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

President Trump also kept things interesting by shaking up the Justice Department after the midterm, with Jeff Sessions out as Attorney General. Who will be his replacement?

Various reports have the top contenders as Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Chris Kobach of Kansas, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, and Trey Gowdy. 

Who would you pick? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll – I look forward to seeing the responses!

Have a great weekend – and remember to thank a veteran on 11/11! This special day has a fascinating history, and its true meaning should never be forgotten.