Author: Levi Spires

Weekly Update

President Obama, never one to let the law of the land get in his way, made it perfectly clear that he is determinedto close Guantanamo Bay.  As we noted earlier, even his AG Loretta Lynch, does not agree that he can close Guantanamo.  He even goes as far as to lie about GITMO in order to try and persuade others that he is doing the right thing.   For a man who taught Constitutional law, and who took an oath to uphold our Constitution, it is distressing to say the least, that he obsesses on closing GITMO. Does President Obama forget that therecidivism rate is quite high or does he just choose to ignore it?

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Another issue that is extremely controversial is the decision that the Board of Regents made quietly this week to allow illegal immigrants to obtain a teacher’s license.  How does an illegal immigrantteach the rule of law?  While there is sympathy for the children brought here by their parents, we cannot, should not bend the rules and give them a license to teach.  Breaking the standards for qualifications in one area, opens the door for other standards to be disregarded.   Teachers, who are illegal immigrants, will be hard pressed to teach the rule of law when they are not abiding by it.

The Regents based their decision on President Obama’s executive order on young illegal immigrants known as DACA.  Here is what Marco Rubio said regarding DACA in last night’s debate.  “It will have to end at some moment, and as I said, we will eliminate that executive order. The people that are on it now will not be allowed to renew it and new applicants will now be allowed to apply to it and it’s not because we’re not compassionate to the plight of someone who came here when they were two years old. We understand. I know people who are personally impacted by this. The problem with the executive order is it is unconstitutional. The President doesn’t have the power to do that and he himself admitted that.” 

The Board of Regents has no authority to grant teacher’s licenses based on an unconstitutional executive order.

President Obama is shocked, shocked to see Supreme Court politics.  He seems to haveforgotten what he did as Senator.

With our NYPD and police across our nation under constant attack, it is good to know that Patrolman Eddie Byrne is still remembered by his fellow officers.  Rest in Peace, Officer Byrne.

Have a great weekend.

Daily Update

The NY Post editorial says that de Blasio’s slush fund is looking shadier than ever

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Politico that the minimum raise push blurs lines between donors’ apparatus and Cuomo’s. 

The sponsors of Colorado’s “right-to-die” bill had to pull the bill from consideration due to lack of votes.  This is the second time the democrats in Colorado were forced to withdraw the bill.

Business leaders in Oregon expect bad news for 62,700 workers after government raised the minimum wage. Governor Cuomo:  Wake up!  Raising the minimum wage will be devastating to New Yorkers.

The Daily Signal lets us know what happens when “free” tuition is offered.

FBI director insists Apple “hack” would be one-time, meanwhile, Congress is looking to “fix” theencryption bill amid Apple and FBI rift.

Cal Thomas opines on the Schumer-Biden test.

Daily Update

The outrageous NYC Council proposal to allow non-citizens the right to vote is not the only looming non-citizens voting facing Americans.  National Review reports how the Obama Administration, under the direction of AG Loretta Lynch, is helping groups like the League of Woman Voters and NAACP, fight efforts to prevent illegal citizens from voting.  Breaking good news:  Judge Leon upholds the state’s right to require proof of citizenship

E. J. McMahon takes Governor Cuomo to task over his relentless, reckless and radical fight for a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick may be driven by the desire to save lives, but his proposal to have heroin users be under the care of nurses while using illegal drugs, is seriously flawed.  There is no doubt that there is a horrific heroin problem in our nation, however, giving addicts a “safe place” to use heroin is not the answer.  Making Naloxone available will help in the case of overdose, but getting to the root of the problem, i.e. through treatment, is the only true way to save lives.

NYPD is using smartphones to increase productivity and let citizens know of crime stats.

Today’s NY Post editorial  rightfully slams the Board of Regents for dumbing down New York’s students. 

Is there trouble in Paradise?  AG Lynch says it is illegal to transferGITMO detainees to US .

Weiner’s wife has to testify…will she or Cheryl Mills fall on Hillary’s sword or throw her under the bus?

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.

Daily Update

On his way out of office, President Obama is determined to keep his campaign promise to closeGuantanamo Bay in Cuba.  Speaker Ryan’s reaction: “Congress has left no room for confusion,” the speaker said. “It is against the law — and it will stay against the law — to transfer terrorist detainees to American soil. We will not jeopardize our national security over a campaign promise.”  On this we staunchly stand with Speaker Ryan, Americans will never let a president jeopardize the safety of American citizens to keep a campaign promise.

Our national debt per household is out of control, the Daily Signal looks at ways to correct the looming unsustainable spending by the federal government.

Occasionally, Joe Biden has some good advice.  Of course, typical of many politicians who are reminded of what they said in the past, VP Biden tried to walk it back.  

The NYC Council gave themselves more than the commission recommended as a raise, will the state legislators do the same?

Since there was no immediate need and school districts are slow to apply, why should a $2B bond go forward and burden future taxpayers for the cost of equipment that will be outdated by the time the bond is paid?  Taxpayers tired of paying for politicians promises to further their political career. 

The ill-advised NYC proposal to consider allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote is getting a coverage outside of New York City.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell

Daily Update

President Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”    We will destroy ourselves if we continue to elect people who have no regard for the rule of law as these members of the NYC Council demonstrate with this outrageous proposal.  It is a flagrant disregard of the oath of office they have taken to uphold the US and State Constitution as well as the City Charter, all documents that require citizenship to vote in every election.  

File this under “it pays to have friends.”

George J. Marlin opines on social justice.

Betsy McCaughey explains how President Obama is willing to do anything to save Obamacare.

Obama’s visit to Cuba betrays America’s commitment to freedom.

Robert Knight opines on embracing the socialist and ends his column with this “It’s no wonder that socialism has emerged as the driving force in the Democratic Party. 

Who needs God when government will supply everyone’s needs at someone else’s expense?”  In today’s column by Katie Pavlich the headline is “Oh My: Majority of Democrats Believe Socialism Has a Positive Impact on Society.”

Republicans have their work cut out for them.

Weekly Wrap Up

Justice Antonin Scalia is being remembered for his wit and candor this week, and today he lies in repose at the Supreme Court. Video of those paying their respects is here

What will you remember most about Justice Antonin Scalia – his loyalty to the Constitution? His sharp wit? His stands on marriage or the 2nd Amendment? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

President Obama won’t be among those mourning Justice Scalia’s passing at his funeral on Saturday. Maybe he has golf plans? At this point, the White House press secretary wouldn’t rule it out.

What does it say to you about President Obama that he is not attending Justice Scalia’s funeral? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll. 

The battle to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court is brewing – and whatever the outcome, it’s a fight that could blow up the Senate in 2017. The New York Post reports that Scalia actuallynamed his preferred replacement. 

Does this strike you as too soon? Should Republicans and Democrats have waited until after Justice Scalia’s funeral to start battling over his replacement? That’s the final question in the new Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile the South Carolina primary is upon us. 

Is the end near for Jeb Bush? Is Ted Cruz catching up with Trump? Will Marco Rubio be derailed by the immigration issue?

Hillary Clinton says she’s “always tried” to tell the truth – but as we’ve seen in her handling ofclassified emails and her explanations of the Benghazi disaster, just “trying” hasn’t always worked out for her.

Jonah Goldberg believes it’s time for all presidential candidates to get serious about what’s going on in the world.

Finally, President Obama is going to Cuba – a trip that will only benefit the Castro brothers

And Secretary of State John Kerry, seeking help in defeating ISIS, turned to… Hollywood. That sums the Obama Administration up pretty well, if you ask me. 

Have a great weekend!

Daily Update

If you missed Chairman Long on NY 1 last night, you can watch the video here.  Chairman Long discusses the presidential, senatorial and state legislative races.  

Renowned economist Thomas Sowell opines on the lure of socialism — a direction our beloved USA seems to be heading, if this election gives us President Sanders or Clinton.  The greatest country will fail then, like every other socialist country has. 

Since there is renewed interest in the theory that former President George W. Bush could have prevented 911, why isn’t there an outcry over the doctored intelligence report on ISIS?

Fox News examines the Apple vs FBI dispute.  More from Fox News here.  Here is what Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks of the situation.  If Congress can make the difference, then Congress must Do your job!  

Business Council and Governor Cuomo at odds over paid family leave.    Governor Cuomo sure has a strange way of making New York State business friendly — if he continues with the paid family leave and raising the minimum wage,  New York will have very few businesses left in New York State. 

Political writes that the (NYC) Council’s full-time model comes with its own risks. 

Katie Pavlich writes how President Obama isn’t serious about fighting terrorism. 

Daily Update

Chairman Long to appear on Inside City Hall on NY1 tonight at 7:00 PM (repeated at 10:pm). Check your local listings for channel listings.

Some Charter Schools are affiliated with the UFT – The United Federation of Teachers (one in ten) and these are the schools that are having problems, but Mayor de Blasio does not want you to know that fact.   

Apparently, Mayor de Blasio didn’t want you to know he is supporting the City Council pay raise either.  

Sometimes Mayor de Blasio stumbles upon the truth…and his statement that a new Rikers’ Island prison would be too expensive is certainly in that category.  However, taxpayers, how many times has the Mayor told us that and then went ahead with a “lofty” ideal.  

More New Yorkers will be out of work soon.  And they are not the only ones as manufacturing contracted for the 7th straight month, despite a slight upturn. 

Will President Obama and the rest of the democrats be hoisted by their own petard?

Hillary wanted a realtime fact checking method to check republican stated facts … how about this Hillary: a fact check on your Justice Scalia tweets.  Will you withdraw your request now that your facts have been checked?

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.

Daily Update

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey does not think the president deserves an EZ pass on replacing Justice Scalia.  Ms. McCaughey reminds the democrats of how many times they wanted to sabotage a vote due to politics and how they now demand no politics.  Good for her for pointing out the inconstitencies.  Rich Lowry opines on the same subject here. 

This article gives us three big cases the US Supreme Court still has to decide. 

Before his untimely death, Justice Scalia and the US Supreme Court upheld science, not President Obama’s wishes.

Insurers and business groups object to health tax math in Governor Cuomo’s budget

Is she running for dog cathcher or president?

The NY Daily News raises some questions on “Sandersizing America.”

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.

Weekly Wrap Up

“Things can’t get any worse” seems to be the defining theme for the “outsider” candidates in the 2016 presidential race. Charles Krauthammer assures us that, yes, things can get much worse – especially if America is allowed to sink into socialism and strong-arm totalitarianism. 

Meanwhile, as the race continues – can things get worse for Hillary Clinton? Yes, they can – Investor’s Business Daily explains why

In their debate this week, the Democrats painted a dire picture of America – one where hope and opportunity are all but lost. Now remind me – who’s been in the White House the past seven years?

Even the liberal PBS moderators were getting fed up with the Democrats’ left-wing spectacle. 

Hillary was not asked about the latest Clinton Foundation bombshell – not a surprise, since one of the debate moderators is a Clinton Foundation donor

It’s telling that the media, which predicts doom-and-gloom when even moderately conservative ideas are proposed, don’t see anything concerning about Bernie Sanders-style socialism.

Sanders can win all he wants, but the truth is it might not matter – the Democratic Party’s primary system is far from democratic.

Do you think that the Democratic primary is rigged for Hillary, no matter what liberal voters want? Vote today in our new Weekly Poll.

On the GOP side, “We’re starting nearly at scratch when it comes to knowing what’s happening in the South Carolina Republican presidential race.” That’s according to Byron York, writing in the Washington Examiner.

Carly Fiorina suspended her presidential campaign this week, and I for one will miss having her on the campaign trail – I agree with the Washington Examiner that her anti-cronyism message was outstanding.  

Chris Christie left the race this week, too – and I know some people will miss his brash, “tell it like it is” campaign style. 

Of all the candidates who have dropped out of the Republican presidential race, who do you miss the most? I’m very interested to see the results of this Weekly Poll question. 

Monday is President’s Day – here is a look at the history of the holiday, and the White House website has biographical information on all of America’s Commanders-in-Chief. 

In the spirit of this holiday, here’s this week’s final Poll question: Who is your favorite President from the past 100 years?

This takes us all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, and includes some interesting names to think about: Coolidge and Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, all the way through Reagan, two Bush administrations and of course, Barack Obama. 

Cast your vote today – and have a great weekend!

Daily Update

What is the Speaker thinking?  Why would anyone want to send the message that breaking the law, even if considered “low-level” is good policy?  Patrick Lynch is absolutely correct when he stated that “Lack of enforcement of quality-of-life laws endangers the health and welfare of everyone and makes the city a less attractive place to live, work or visit.”  We would add that ignoring the “low-level” infractions dilutes the seriousness of other infractions.

How can anyone send their child to public school in New York City — especially when at one time not that long ago the New York City public education system was one of the best in our nation.  The NY Post Editorial Board is very clear on how to help students, something that Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have abandoned for the support of the Teacher’s Union. This Politico article wants to give some hope that things might change, however, as long as the NYS Assembly under the control of NYC democrats, continues to be the majority voting bloc, I have little hope that the interview process discussed is little more than show for the parents who care.

The Washington Examiner takes a hard, honest look at the New Hampshire results

Seth Lipsky wants to know what is Bernie Sanders hiding about his radical history?

Andrew Malcolm opines on so many coincidences help Hillary Clinton in her email scandal. 

E. J. McMahon writing in NY Torch explains why Speaker Heastie is wrong to call for a new soak-the-rich tax hike proposal.

Daily Update

Sen. Sanders, fresh off his 20 percentage points win in New Hampshire over Hillary, met with the Rev. Al Sharpton this morning.  The crowd loves him, but we wonder how many are veterans.  In another article in the NY Post, former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey, points out the fact, they while he campaigns as a champion of veterans, as chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Sanders sabotaged VA reform, to protect unions.

Hillary, obviously isn’t the only democratic candidate with a trust problem.  In her desperation, trust isn’t her only problem.  According to her avid supporters there is a special place in Dante’s inferno for women who do not blindly vote for her because she is a woman.  Michael Goodwin opines on the bigger message this sends in today’s paper.

Hillary’s staff, according to this article, “blackmailed” reporters.  Wow, imagine that.  A reporter wanted the story so badly, he did what Hillary’s staff wanted.  The staff was wrong and the reporter was also!  The reporters that I know, would have told them to “whistle Dixie” and maintained the integrity of the profession. Readers of news articles must trust that the article is unbiased, when they want opinion, they go to the opinion page.  Or if they really want to know what a candidate says, they go to (or watch) the debates, town hall meetings or visit their campaign offices. 

Why is the it that democrats always want to kick the can down the road and postpone the inevitable?  Doing this leaves a “hole” in the budget that other taxpayers will have to fill.  It “sounds” helpful to young families but it certainly sends the wrong message, hasn’t deferred payments cost everyone too much already?

Just one more reason to oppose Obamacare.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.