Author: Gerard Kassar


Independence Day

The New York State Conservative Party takes immense pride in honoring the significance of this remarkable day in our nation’s history. On behalf of our dedicated members and supporters, we extend our warmest greetings and best wishes for a patriotic Fourth of July. 

Independence Day serves as a powerful reminder of the American spirit that united our Founding Fathers and ignited the flame of freedom in the hearts of every American. It was on this historic day, 247 years ago, that our forefathers boldly declared their independence, paving the way for the birth of the greatest nation on Earth. The values of liberty, justice, and equality, enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, continue to guide and inspire us. 

The United States of America is more than just a country; it is a beacon of hope and freedom that reflects worldwide. The American Dream has become an aspiration for millions, a testament to the possibilities that exist when individuals are empowered to pursue their ambitions. The principles upon which our nation was founded – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – continue to resonate with Americans today. We are a nation that cherishes individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and limited government. It is these core values that have propelled our nation to new heights of prosperity. As conservatives, we remain committed to the principles that have made our nation prosperous and free. 

This 4th of July, as fireworks light up the night sky, let us renew our commitment to preserving the American legacy for generations to come. Let us strive to uphold the principles that have made our nation a shining example to the world, demonstrating that freedom, opportunity, and justice are not mere ideals but attainable realities. As we honor the birth of our great nation, the New York State Conservative Party wishes every American a joyous and meaningful Independence Day. May God bless you, your families, and the United States of America. 

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” -Ronald Reagan


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June 29, 2023


“Today’s decision is a triumph for the fundamental American notion that all men and women are created equal and deserve equal treatment under the law. Affirmative action implicitly divided us, creating  quiet divisions among Americans over the entire college admissions process. The Conservative Party cherishes the individual, regardless of race or creed; we believe, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. eloquently stated, that a person should be judged on character and nothing else. This is a great step forward for America and all who call her home.”



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June 26, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…”The Conservative Party has always understood that ‘a government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.’ But we never could have imagined that government would go after wood-fire pizza. What’s next? Hotdogs and hamburgers on charcoal grills?

“New York Democrats are out of control. Gas stoves have been banned by the State, and clearly the City and State will be going after campfires, fireplaces, and, eventually, matches. If New Yorkers don’t stand up and say ‘no’ now, the future here may be very dark.”



Adam Schiff Censured

I applaud the censure of Democratic California Congressman Adam Schiff by the House of Representatives. 

Schiff, as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, grossly misused his position when he essentially set out to frame President Trump. The cost to the taxpayers for an investigation that had no basis and not surprisingly turned up absolutely nothing was a $32 million dollar hit on the taxpayers.

The censure results in a referral to the House Ethics Committee where a formal review of the charges against him could result in a recommendation that Schiff be expelled from the House.

I urge the House Ethics Committee to move quickly.

Chinese Military in Cuba

It is called the Monroe Doctrine and it has been in place since December of 1823. The document is a warning to foreign powers that the United States will not tolerate efforts in the Western Hemisphere that could affect U.S. peace and security.

Any effort by communist China and Cuba to jointly plan and build a military training camp on the Marxist Island just 100 miles off the U.S. coast could easily be construed to be a violation of the doctrine.

The last time a Marxist power threatened to put a large installation on Cuba soil, the U.S. swiftly acted to protect its territorial integrity. The Biden Administration must similarly put in place measures to stop this planned facility in its tracks.

Assembly Finally Gets Something Right

The NY Assembly failed to take action on a State Senate approved scheme to use several billion in federal dollars as a down payment to provide medical coverage beyond emergency services for the tens of thousands of illegal migrants that have made their way into New York these past few months.

It was estimated that the cost to the state beyond the $2 billion dollars the federal government is allowing through a waiver would be as high as an additional $6 billion dollars over a four-year period.

Of course, the Assembly has not actually rejected the Senate move. They simply did not act, so at least for this year they could return, although this is not expected.


Congratulations Shaun Marie

An amazing crowd gathered last night at the New York Athletic Club to honor retiring longtime Party Executive Director Shaun Marie. The festivities were highlighted by a Congressional Resolution presented by Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

Shaun received the first annual Mike Long Award. It was great to see the Long family there in force led by matriarch Eileen Long. Shaun Marie served as Mike’s Executive Director from 1995 to 2019. Former State Chairman and State Senator Serf Maltese, who Shaun Marie assisted in both the Party and in the Senate, made heartfelt remarks about their long association. Chris Long, Mike’s son, spoke on behalf of the Long family.

I have known Shaun Marie for many years and was delighted that she stayed on these past four years as my Executive Director and continues to serve as the Executive Vice Chairwoman, the Party’s number two spot.

Her work ethic and commitment to the conservative movement is stellar. I certainly learned a great deal from Shaun Marie. Now, I wish her a happy and healthy retirement.

The Mike Long Award reads:

“For many years of loyalty, dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the Conservative movement and the New York State Conservative Party.”

“You Have Kept the Faith Alive and the Torch Aflame.”

Daniel Penny Indicted by Grand Jury

I said it before and will say it again. Self Defense is not a crime! If anything, Daniel Penny is a hero who intervened to stop an erratic, threatening individual with a long criminal record confined within a moving subway car from violently assaulting riders.

The many eye witnesses and videos should have been enough to prove his innocence, but this is Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan. I feel confident that Penny will be found innocent, but this former Marine continues to need our help both in terms of moral support as well as financial support for what will be an exceedingly expensive legal defense.

I urge you to consider contributing to his defense fund and speaking out on his behalf.

When Will New Yorkers be Safe Again?

The short answer is when the New York State Legislature finally adjourns next week. The State Senate and Assembly could hardly be more out of touch with the average New Yorker these past six months.

They ended last year giving themselves enormous pay raises making them the highest paid legislative body in the nation. They burst into 2023 going after our gas hook ups, creating enormous and growing deficits, and ignoring meaningful criminal justice reform.
The proposals they put off until the very end involved election changes that have been portrayed as the big steal by the Democratic Party. This includes unconstitutional changes in early voting by paper, limitations on bringing election litigation in local courts, and eliminating off year local elections.

The local election bill will result in important local races playing second fiddle to Presidential and statewide races as well as Congressional and State Legislative races. As usual the philosophy in Albany is if it’s not broken let’s break it. And of course, we await the Governor’s decision on the “Clean Slate Act,” which in our increasingly dangerous criminal justice environment, seals records making it more difficult for an employer or District Attorney to make informed decisions on convicted felons.

Take a Governor who cannot lead and mix it with a Legislature that cannot represent half the State and you have a recipe for disaster.


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June 10, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…New York State’s leftward march under one-party rule sadly continued  in 2023. The punishing cost of living here got more punishing; nothing was done to reverse cashless bail, despite the clear will of the public to repeal it; the pro-criminal clean slate bill will deprive employers of the right to know who has a dangerous criminal record before hiring; unprepared communities were inundated with illegal immigrants that will need school seats, housing, and medical care. The Democrats also set April 2nd as Presidential primary day, resulting in early voting being on several of the most solemn days on the Christian calendar, including Good Friday, Holy Thursday, and Palm Sunday. The New York State Conservative Party takes great exception when the legislature puts politics over faith.

“Democrat politicians didn’t forget themselves — they expanded taxpayer-funded political campaigns to an eight-to-one match on donations over $250 — adding an even larger public cost to an already bad spending program, and changed the local election calendar to even years, depriving voters of the full attention that local, off-year elections deserve. Democrats also created a special slavery reparations committee, 195 years after slavery ended in New York, that is certain to create racial tensions throughout the state. And they did all this in the name of ‘progress.’

“What we are seeing is a state legislature, far to the political left of the average New Yorker, plowing forward with the radical fads of the day at the expense of families who can barely make it here. The only true winners from this legislative session are Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas, all of which will grow in population as the alarming New York exodus continues.” 



NYC Pushes for Private Residences to House Migrants

Struggling with inflation? Have an extra room? The City of New York will pay you $125 a night to house migrants. This is Mayor Adams’ latest attempt to put a band-aid on what needs a tourniquet.

In New York, a foster parent is given a daily allowance of $40 to raise a child, more than 3 times less than what they’re proposing to offer those willing to house an illegal migrant. And while New Yorkers struggle to pay bills due to inflation and increasing taxes, Mayor Adams aims to provide migrants with a free ride on the back of taxpayers.

The simple truth is the Biden Administration has bitten off far more than it can chew, and New York City’s sanctuary city status only elevates the crisis. 

We must, at once, close the southern border and reverse Biden’s border policies; if not, the City and State of New York are in for a long and expensive summer.

Democratic Assembly And Senate Pass Reparations Bill

The Democrat-controlled New York State Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would establish a commission to assess how complicit the state of New York was in slavery. Yes, you read that right.

This nine-member commission would be appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders.

The State of New York passed legislation nearly 200 years ago that granted enslaved Africans their freedom. While we can all agree the idea of slavery is certainly deplorable, New York took the necessary action in 1827 to provide freedom to all.

This bill is nothing more than an attempt to further divide us using race as bait. Now, the bill goes to the desk of Governor Hochul who will decide its fate.

One Week Away from Spring Reception

We are just a week away from celebrating the career of longtime party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine. We’re expecting a great evening at the New York City Athletic Club and have already received more than 100 RSVPs for the June 15th reception.

I look forward to presenting Shaun Marie with the first annual Michael R. Long award.

I cannot think of someone who deserves the inaugural award more than the person who spent decades in service to the Conservative Party under the great leadership of Mike Long.

To purchase your ticket, please click this link.

I look forward to celebrating with you all.

To sign Shaun Marie’s retirement card, click  here:


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
June 9, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…“The Conservative Party adamantly opposes selective law enforcement, which is exactly what we’re seeing with the indictment of former President and current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Both Trump and President Joe Biden were found to have classified documents in their homes, but only the Republican challenger is being prosecuted. How can that be viewed as anything other than weaponization of the federal government for electoral advantage?

“Americans are quickly losing faith in their government, and the glaring discrepancy in the treatment of the two presidents will only make things worse. Politics should be left up to the voters, not partisan officials in Washington. The precedent that these indictments set will drag the country into truly dangerous territory. President Biden should call off his dogs and let the voters decide.”



House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

It was far from perfect & frankly we would have liked to have seen a few more of our priorities contained within the final version. Nevertheless, it was the product of a compromise that is a result of divided government. To do better, we need to widen our house majority, take back the Senate and most important of all win the White House. 

Speaker McCarthy was able to bring home some important wins. There will be $2.1 trillion in savings over the next few years, the President’s ability to rule by executive order has been curtailed, a 1% budgetary increase which will translate into a functioning cap on budget increases will be in statute, and work requirements for able bodied individuals under the age of 55 receiving public assistance and/or food stamps was implemented. Additionally, the bill contained no new taxes, which we can all agree is a win considering leadership in the White House and Senate.

We clawed back much of the unused COVID funds and had a partial win on the increase in IRS agents, although much was left to be desired in regard to the IRS. The agreement also cut down on the lengthy red tape that increases costs while slowing down critical infrastructure projects.

Finally, the legislation did take off the table the possibility of the United States defaulting on its obligations which could have resulted in a collapse of the world economy.

Our ten Conservative Party endorsed Congressional members, albeit with reservations, voted yes on the legislation. As disappointed as some of you maybe, it was the responsible thing to do considering we did get the aforementioned work requirements, no new taxes and $2.1 trillion in savings over the next few years.

As I said earlier, to do better in Washington, we must do better at home by winning more Congressional seats and most important of all winning back the White House.

Patriots Podium with Alison Esposito

To join the conversation, we encourage you to subscribe and listen to “Patriots Podium” on: Youtube, Buzzsprout, Spotify, and Apple Music. Episodes can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and our website CPNYS; Follow us for daily news, events, and much more!

The inaugural episode of “Patriots Podium” featuring Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo can be found here. Our latest episode, featuring former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Alison Esposito can be found early at Youtube, Buzzsprout. Alison discusses her race for Lt. Governor, her thoughts on the current state of events and gives us a look into her future plans.

We’re happy to have Allen Roth, President of Secure America, as our next guest to discuss border security and the illegal migrant crisis.

Upcoming Events

Our annual reception honoring longtime Conservative Party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine is right around the corner. For decades, Shaun Marie kept the Conservative Party moving and candidates on the ballot. I look forward to seeing all of you as we celebrate the career of Shaun Marie June 15 in Manhattan.

To register, please visit our website here. We are expecting a great night and hope you will be a part of it.

Young Professionals Night

The NYS Conservative Party will be hosting a Young Professionals Mixer Event. The mixer will be held on June 21st, from 6-8 pm at Delancy’s Restaurant, located at 40 Park PL, Goshen, NY, 10924. This event is *free* for all! We encourage you to come hear about the Conservative Party and our values from some amazing speakers. This is a great opportunity to bring people that may be interested in the party, or that are completely new to politics. The young generation is the future of our party and we are working to spread our values, history, and boost voter registration! Invite your kids, grandkids, and come enjoy free food, networking, and lots more!

Kindly RSVP to, or call our Newburgh office at 845-564-7413


Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day weekend, let us pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our cherished freedoms. As conservatives, we hold dear the principles of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness that our nation was built upon. It is a day to honor those who paid the ultimate price for these ideals and to express our gratitude for their selfless service.

Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, reminded us that “from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.” These words resonate deeply, reminding us that we must carry forward the torch of freedom for which our fallen heroes fought and died. 

Looking ahead to Memorial Day, I am grateful to participate in the Brooklyn Conservative Party’s 41st annual POW/MIA ceremony. This event holds a special place in my heart, as it allows us to honor and remember those courageous individuals who have been prisoners of war or remain missing in action. By coming together in unity and solidarity, we not only show our unwavering support for these brave heroes but also raise awareness about their sacrifices and the ongoing efforts to bring them home.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” His words remind us of the responsibility we have to preserve the liberty that so many have fought to protect.

This Memorial Day, I urge you to make a plan that aligns with your belief in the greatness of America. Bring along your children and grandchildren, for they are the future of our nation’s legacy. Let us seize this chance to educate and inspire them, igniting within them a passion for our country and an appreciation for those who have safeguarded our cherished way of life.

By sharing our love for our nation and the sacrifices made by our heroes, we contribute to the preservation of our American spirit, ensuring that the flame of liberty burns brightly for generations to come. 

Let us end with a short poem, “On This Memorial Day” by Emily Toma. 

Remember those who served before. Remember those who are no more.

Remember those who serve today. Remember them as we eat and play.

Remember our protectors who are not home today.

Remember them all on Memorial Day.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 25, 2023


“Move to New York and get paid to have an abortion or
sex-change operation at the expense of your new neighbors;
that’s this bill in a nutshell.”

Brooklyn-NY…The New York State Conservative Party adamantly opposes legislation (S6637) just submitted by Senator Michele Hinchey (D-Hudson Valley) that would provide a personal income tax credit to new New Yorkers who have an abortion or sex change operation within the state. The bill would effectively subsidize the procedures with money provided by existing New York State taxpayers.

“Move to New York and get paid to have an abortion or sex-change operation at the expense of your new neighbors; that’s this bill in a nutshell,” said New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “New York is losing population faster than any state in America. God help us if this is our new recruitment plan.

“Bills like Senator Hinchey’s demonstrate just how frighteningly left-wing Democrat-led New York has become,” Mr. Kassar continued. “New Yorkers, who pay some of the highest taxes in America, expect their tax dollars to go to true public services like education, public safety, and infrastructure repair — not to people moving to the state to have an abortion or to change genders. It’s remarkable that this even needs to be said. The Conservative Party opposes this legislation in the strongest possible terms.”



Contact:Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 23, 2023

Statement on Machete-Wielding Hunter College Professor by
Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“Hunter Professor Shellyne Rodriguez has no business teaching young minds, and CUNY is right to dismiss her. New York City and State must ensure that Ms. Rodriguez is not rehired by any other public college or university in the state.

“In verbally attacking a pro-life student group — and holding a machete to the neck of a New York Post reporter — Ms. Rodriguez is demonstrating just how deranged and ideological strident some on the academic left have become. The right to life is a legitimate public policy debate, and students have every right to express their opinions on the matter. But in academia today, any dissension of progressive orthodoxy comes at a price. Sadly, many moderate to conservative students now hold their tongues rather than risk the wrath of professors and administrators.

“Ms. Rodriguez’s actions are an embarrassment to a CUNY system that seems to move farther and farther to the political left each year. Demanding that students agree with progressive positions is not education, it’s indoctrination. How far CUNY has fallen.”