The waning days of summer coincide with the waning days of Mayor de Blasio’s quest to be president.

The Post-Journal writes about the two Parties challenging  the authority of the commission that seeks to impose public financing of campaigns and end fusion voting.

How pathetic that Bill Maher roots for recession so that Trump loses in 2020; how can anyone want people to go through another recession just to be certain Trump loses in 2020?  And then NBC’s Richard Engel agreed with Mahar.

If it isn’t bad enough that the two above are calling for a recession, Beto has the audacity to call Trump supporters racists, again.

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times that if Joe Biden is the best Democrats can offer, party is in trouble.

Trump Administration to Crack Down on Visa Applicants Who Would Rely on Public Services.  Fox has a related article here.

Michael Goodwin had a great article over the weekend:  The New York Times modifies its motto to fit leftist agenda.

Time to get off the presidential want to be train and take care of New York City, if you can, Mr. Mayor.

Victims of the $15 minimum wage.   The Beat also looks at the high cost of the minimum wage.

State losing high-earning millennials, study shows.

Cuomo’s still dodging accountability, restoring DiNapoli’s powers.

Common Sense in Free Fall on College Campuses.

How sick is it to have a person (@ashley_barnhill) tweet out the following message to her 11.6K followers: “men against abortion are just jealous they’ll never know how good it feels to kill a baby.” What is even sicker is the people who liked her tweet and retweeted it.  The woman has no heart, nor does she have a soul.