September 23, 2013

By Shaun Marie, on Sep 23, 2013

Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, says the cupboard is bare.  Obviously, she is either not very attuned to what is being spent or just doesn't even bother to look for ways to save tax dollars.  Congresswoman, here are a few grants that could easily be cut.  Of course, a straight 1% across the board cuts would be reasonable also.

The Heritage Foundation writes about the 6 major reasons why the National Debt keeps rising.

The Mercatus Center doesn't have any good news for us after examining the Congressional Budget Office updated projections of long-term debt. 

Daniel Henninger certainly understands President Obama's modus operendi:  I think, therefore you do. 

The AP headline reads:  A Weakened Obama Opens UN Talks as Friends, Foes Doubt Leadership.   When the headlines scream you are weakened, Mr. President, you know you are now in the lame-duck arena. 

DEFUND Obamacare NOW!

Larry Kudlow takes the President to task for not negotiating with republicans while appearing to negotiate with our enemies.

Shouldn't the Moreland Commission be transparent?  After all, it is your tax dollars that are  funding the Commission.

If Bill de Blasio is elected, how will he reward Big Labor...the answer is simple, from YOUR wallets. 

Legislators, take note, NY Safe Act is double rated.

Naomi Schafer Riley's column is  disturbing just by the fact that it had to be written.  Vandals also torched a Ronald Reagan memorial on the West Coast...while it is unknown if kids were involved, most adults are not prone to vandalize property in groups. 

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