Primary Day

By Shaun Marie, on Sep 13, 2010

The Conservative Party has completed four tele-town hall meetings leading up to tomorrow’s primary election.  We had a tremendous response as thousands of Conservatives joined us for each call.  We also had hundreds line up to ask questions and become part of the discussion.

We were also fortunate to have two special guests join us on two of those calls – David Keane, Chairman of the American Conservative Union and John Faso, former Assembly Minority Leader and 2006 Conservative candidate for Governor.  Both gentleman enlightened us with their thoughts and insight on the 2010 election cycle and how this is an important year for Conservatives in New York and across the nation.

Both gentlemen also support our Conservative candidate for Governor, Rick Lazio.  They know that Rick is the best person to fight high taxes, work to create more jobs and end the embarrassing dysfunction in Albany.

“On economic tax issues, business generation, and job creation Rick Lazio has understood it from the beginning and given the situation which we find ourselves in right now, he’s the best guy to handle those issues,” said David Keane.

“If we’re going to be competitive against Andrew Cuomo, we need all conservatives to come out and vote on Primary Day, September 14th and vote for Rick Lazio on the Conservative Party line,” said John Faso.

Primary Day is here and we must elect individuals who will represent our views in a manner we can be proud of and we can trust to do what is right.

 This is important.  Your vote is important. It is crucial that we support our candidates, not only for you and for me, but for future generations so they have the opportunity to live, work and raise their families in a New York State that is better, stronger and built on a foundation of solid conservative principles.

Ditto on the above comment. I'm very disappointed on the Lazio choice - he is NOT a Conservative. This move by Mr. Long is just like the Obama administration's mentality - "He knows what's best for us"!

The CPNYS has got to spread the word about its candidates better.  I messed up royaly today when chosing GOP conservative candidates.  Could I have come to this site to check out the names... sure (and I should have), but I'm so used to not being able to find useful info here that it didn't (quite frankly) cross my mind.  Ugh, so frustrating.

To those who say the "insiders" chose Lazio: Last I checked, Lazio won a PRIMARY ELECTION to be the Conservative nominee. You could have voted for Lorigo, he was on the ballot. Instead, 60% of those who voted in the CONSERVATIVE PARTY PRIMARY ELECTION chose Rick Lazio to be the Conservative Party standard bearer. You could have given Mike Long the NY single fingered salute, but you did not. So, why are you crying now?

I hope that Lazio and Long are realistic enough to support Paladino. There must be some compromise possible. Lazio will not win the general (he was crushed in the Republican primary) and though I am a proud Conservative, I'm not wasting my vote on him in the fall. I fear that so many others will follow suit that we will lose our ballot line. I also fear splitting the vote on the right will give us another incompetent democratic governor. Maybe the Lt Governor nominees can step aside? Then Lazio can be on the ticket with Paladino.

Two words, DROP LAZIO.

If you want people to value your current and future candidates, BACK CARL and fight for the win.

Ask/persuade Lazio to drop from the CP line if Paladino will take it.  It's the only viable option for the party and the state.  Do not replace Ognibene with Lazio.

Drop Lazio, back Paladino.


Paladino's in. Are you conservative party? The other option is another cuomo. stop being petty and give him a chance.

Rick Lazio may be the parties choice but that is a road I will not travel. Your support of him smacks of back room politics. I think you are learning something from your democrat brothers and the party will soon follow that path I fear. Looks like it is time for me to join the tea party where it isn't politics as usual. I will vote Paladino

I can't believe I'm actually going to vote GOP instead of CP this year.  Do we really want to risk the Governorship, our State and the de-balloting of our Party?  Paladino is crass and blunt, and represents our less refined nature when fighting for unborn kids, families, seniors, city neighborhoods and small towns, common sense government and freedom!  Helloooo!!!  Niceness has not worked.  Teaming up and partnering has not worked.  Nothing we or the Republicans or other parties have done has worked for 30, 40,... years.  (Needless to say the Dems are not an answer unless we can takeover the party.)  C'mon Mike, maybe Paladino is the right choice for CP.

I can't believe that the CP is going to stick with Lazio, he never had a chance. Switch over to Carl Paladino and we might have a chance to save NY State.

Is it true Lazio is not anti-abortion, not pro-life?  If so, the CP is in BIG TROUBLE.  ALL right-to-life voters -- anyone who is against abortion, especially Catholics, other devout Christians and maybe Muslims -- WILL be faced with the choice of voting pro-life (Paladino) or not voting.  Either way, that would be disaster for the CP.  (Mike Long knows that faithful CAN NOT vote for a pro-choice candidate.)

Time for the Conservative Party leadership to do the right thing. Swallow your pride, back Paladino, give the Conservative Pary line to him somehow, and fight to win. Even if we lose, we will still have a Conservative Party, which NYS needs, and you will have  energized conservatives across the state. Rick Lazio will not get 50,000 votes - no way.  

The Conservative Party has violated the public trust.  I USED TO vote straight across the line, trusting that this organization backed CONSERVATIVES. No more.

Carl Paladino is Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Anti-Gun Control...

Fits the Conservative bill for me...unfortunately the liberals in this party only forces me to also leave the Conservative Party right after I vote for Carl Paladino on November 2...\

Lazio needs to graciously step down...How much is Andrew Cuomo paying you guys to keep him in????

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