46th Annual CPPAC is in the history books.

By Shaun Marie, on Jan 7, 2013

Our 46th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference (CPPAC)  is in the history books and we hope everyone enjoyed the conference and learned about the "hot" topics that Members of the Legislature will be faced with in the upcoming Session.  As always the purpose of the conference is to beaware of the "hot" topics and to bring that knowledge back home to our constituents.  Here is the  link to the videos.  Special thanks to Party Secretary, Howard Lim, Jr., for recording and posting CPPAC.

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                     I hope you use the time at this conference well. We need to plan ways to vote out the mentally ill Liberals, as well as the spineless RINO's and Liberal Republicans.

                    The Conservatives, and the TEA Party will be the saviors of this country, if we can reverse the damage done by the Liberals.

                    You should also formulate a plan to have the FAIR TAX plan introduced, and accepted in New York. The FAIR TAX plan would help ease the overburdening tax structure placed on working people here in New York.  Instead of Owebama's plan of "sharing the wealth" we need to share the burden.



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