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April 24, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 24, 2014

Seth Lipsky writes about New York joining the National Popular Vote Compact and includes Chairman Mike Long's reasons for support. 

April 22, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 22, 2014

The USS Cole is coming to New York City's Fleet Week on Memorial Day and Bob McManus's column reminds us of her history and perhaps will remind Mayor de Blasio of what could happen because of his dismantling our protection. 

Mayor de Blasio appears to be nonchalant when it comes to letting some NYC students know where they will be going to school in the fall. 

April 21, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 21, 2014

One more article on why Mayor de Blasio's decision puts New York City residents in harm's way.

Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Apr 17, 2014

As Easter nears, how seriously does the Obama Administration take religious freedom? Not too seriously, it seems…