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Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Apr 17, 2014

As Easter nears, how seriously does the Obama Administration take religious freedom? Not too seriously, it seems… 

April 16, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 16, 2014

Wrong move Mr. Mayor!  Police serve to protect citizens, your politically correct move only hampers police ability to protect every citizen in New York City.  To make this announcement on the first anniversary of the bombing that killed three and injured 237 others is a slap in the face to #Boston Strong. 

April 15, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 15, 2014

The Heritage Foundation gives us an optic of how are federal tax dollars are spent.

April 14, 2014

By Shaun Marie, on Apr 14, 2014

File this under -- even a broken clock is right twice a day -- we seldom agree with anything that AG Holder has been responsible for during his tenure, however, we agree with the NY Post that  AG Holder is vindicating Ray Kelly.   Coming back to reality, we are  familiar with this  AG Eric Holder. 

Weekly Wrap-Up

By Mike Long, on Apr 11, 2014

File this under “About Time” – Kathleen Sebelius is finally resigning.